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Headline for Five Adventurous Things in Thailand that will Push Your Limits - Do Not Miss a Thing!
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Five Adventurous Things in Thailand that will Push Your Limits - Do Not Miss a Thing!

Thailand, known for its turquoise beaches, opulent palaces, ancient city sites and an array of exotic fantasies that couples every Southeast Asian country has its own package of fun when it comes to adventure. The tropical climate and the impressive geography offers its own dose of amusement.


Cliff Jumping/ Deep water soloing

This special feature is for rock climbers and lovers of the seas. An exciting attraction for all the adrenalin rush freaks who would take utmost pleasure in climbing rocks and plunging into the sea once you are 10 or 100 feet in the air.

Tonsai and Railay beaches in the Raily peninsula are recommended as the best of the beaches to entertain your nerves. If the climb gets rough, you could still enjoy a free fall onto the sea below and still experience the fun you signed up for.

You could even enjoy your time in a yacht, rock climb, jump off cliffs, snorkel and have the fun of your life in tasting this bit of adventure. There are even rock climbing schools you could join if you wish to excel in the practice and be a professional in deep water soloing.


Freediving on Koh Tao

The most adventurous and challenging reef and sea exploration method in Thailand today is the technique of freediving that gives you something more than the mere scuba diving experience.

It is a mind body concentration, almost a meditation that will make your lung capacity grow to unexpected points of pleasure. Your whole body will become one with the waters and the life underwater as you dive in with no oxygen tanks but with all your mighty, magical breath alone.

Freediving on Koh Tao, the island on the East coast of Thailand will awaken your spirits and introduce you to formerly unknown confidences of your body and soul.


More excitements

These attractions at hotel Khon Kaen are not to be missed. King Cobras in Ban Khok Sangha Village and their snake charmers of expertise provide an extraordinary experience for tourists who look to be enchanted. Watching king cobras dance and having an up-close familiarity with the activity will give you goosebumps of an amazing kind.

The largest water park in Southeast Asia, spanning 40 acres of land is another feature of fun that you do not want to miss. The Dino water park is a fun-filled zone of water sport activities and slides that will truly elate your happy nerves.

All these luxuries and astonishing opportunities to blend with sophisticated fun and exotica of Thailand are found at Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre. You'll have the occasion of enjoying pleasures of a double universe Thailand has to offer all at once and make it your unique memory of a stay.


Visit Bangkok's 'Ghost Tower'

The abandoned 49 storey skyscraper is a site that you should never miss during your stay in Thailand.
While you enjoy the urban pleasures of city life it is more exciting to visit an abandoned building in its wonderful dilapidation.

The The Sathorn Unique building, also known as the ghost tower was abandoned half constructed at a time of financial instability in 1990. It now remains mid-city as a memory of the uncertain times housing rusted metals, wire chords, pipes and plumbs alone.

The climb is truly engulfing yet fulfilling. The claustrophobic atmosphere and utter deterioration coupled with the sight at the peak of the tower is the real deal.

The delight is also in the fact that it is absolutely illegal to climb the tower but you choose to do it at your own risk! A True task of pushing your limits.


Off-road Motor biking through the jungle trail

Jungles in Northern Thailand has the best tracks to find yourself biking in the thrill of adventure.

Rent a bike and explore the jungle through mountainous roads that will take you to sights you'll never easily set eyes on. The twists and turns of the roads will get your whole body, bike and the road in sync and take you to great heights of a joyful venture.