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Decorative Shutters

Exterior Shutters for sale at Decorative Shutters. Shop our selection of custom exterior shutters, windows shutters & house shutters at the best prices.

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Find 4 convincing reasons before ordering different types of vinyl shutters for your house. Read more to know about it.

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Bahama/Bermuda shutters offer numerous options to homeowners.The team of experts here are well deft in the work of choosing the appropriate shutters for your needs and come up with the best, Read more to know about it.

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Exterior Bahama Shutters

What comes to mind when you think of Bahamas? Of course, you think of the incredible beaches, beautiful tropical weather, a relaxed lifestyle and amazing architecture. Well, you can now bring an aspect of this life to your home with our customizable Bermuda shutters/Bahama shutters. If you always wanted to give your home an outstanding makeover, we got you covered.

At Decorative Shutters, we have refined our shutter manufacturing systems to deliver incredible outdoor Bahama shutters to suit every home. Our Bermuda Shutters are extremely popular with clients due to their versatile styling range, functionality, curb appeal, durability, affordability and low maintenance. With these Bahama shutters, you not only spruce up your home’s exterior decor but also provide the best storm protection, privacy, and shade and light control.

You can now choose from wood, aluminum or composite bahama exterior shutters in our collection. We custom make all our products to suit the clients’ needs and this distinguishes us from other shutter manufacturers.

Thinking of a home makeover? Talk to us today and make an order for these stylish Bahama Shutters.


What is the Best Material for Wood Shutters?

What is the Best Material for Wood Shutters?

Wood is a classical material when used in the manufacture of shutters. You do not just get into the store and pick the first wooden shutters you come across. Wood offers numerous options that will define your shutter choice and use experience.

Each wood variety provides different properties that will define your experience. There are strengths and weaknesses of each species that you must consider when making a choice.
Here is a look at some of the properties of woods to consider when choosing a wood for your shutters.

Wood Variety

Wood is commonly classified as hard or soft. Each variety will provide a variety of advantages when used in the manufacture of shutters. Shutters can be made from hardwood or softwood and still serve the intended purpose.

Some of the hardwood varieties available for the manufacture of shutters include Balsa, Blackbutt, Mahogany, Spotted Gum, Eucalyptus, oak, Walnut, Elm and Teak, among others. The advantages of using hardwood include durability, ease in maintenance, strength, resilience and an amiable appearance.

Softwood is also used in the manufacture of shutters. Some of the varieties of softwood include pine, cedar, and fir, among others. Some of the advantages you stand to enjoy from using softwood include ease in manipulation, lower prices and the ability to change colors. The texture of softwood is also impressive.

The variety of wood to use will depend on availability. Your budget is also a factor when choosing the wood variety. It will affect the appearance of your shutters.

Color of the Wood

Wood comes in different colors depending on species, age and whether it is hard or soft wood. Color is a factor when choosing your shutters. You want the shutters to match the overall color of your house as well as its architectural design.

Some wood varieties are light while others are dark. If you need Wood Shutters that are light colored, you have to settle for that variety. If the shutters should be dark, there are wood varieties providing this option.

You may want to change the color of wood using paint or varnish. Some varieties will take a lot of paint or require several layers without giving you the results you desire. The color will depend on the treatment given. It takes professional treatment to have a color that lasts.


Every homeowner wants to make an investment that lasts. The wood you choose must last through the storms and remain intact for years. If the shutters can survive with little or no maintenance, they will have served the purpose.

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Any real estate agent worth his or her salt will tell you that one of the most important factors determining the value of a property is making sure it has “curb appeal”.

But what is curb appeal? Curb appeal is basically how attractive the house and the surrounding property looks when viewed from the street.

This where the old saying ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ doesn’t work because of first impressions, when it comes to houses, matter. Whether you are trying to sell your house or just want to make your neighbors jealous, revamping the exterior will go a long way. Good curb appeal will entice any potential buyers or visitors to take a look inside.

Here are a few design tips to increase the curb appeal of your house:

The first step to improving the curb appeal of your house has to be decluttering. Many times we keep the inside of our houses clean and meticulous while we leave the outside to the birds. The outside of the house should represent the inside.

To begin with, get rid of anything that is not required, nonfunctional, dingy or rusting. If you haven’t used something in a year and it’s just lying around the yard or the lawn, remove it. Store all your gardening supplies and grilling equipment in a closed cupboard instead of littering them around the lawn. Having proper parking places for your cycles or lawn mowers

In time, the once fresh and bright exteriors of your house start looking dull and old because of natural wear and all the dust that they take up over the years.
An easy way to brighten your house is cleaning. Clean out any cobwebs or litter
that may be lying in the lawn or the yard. Using a high-pressure power washing jets to remove the years of grime and dust can instantly liven up the exteriors. You can use it to clean to roof, brick walls, the yard, and the driveway. You can scrub the outdoor shutters, fences and the doors.

Look for minor damages and defects like broken light bulbs, ugly electrical fixtures or chipped paint and fix them. These minor repair works go a long way in improving the curb appeal of your house.

Another way to improve the curb appeal of your house is to make the doors and windows stand out. You can add a dash of color to the exterior of your house by painting the door a bright welcoming color. If eclectic is not to your taste and you prefer more traditional designs then you could get a custom wooden door or get the existing one restyled. You can add a knocker to the door to make a statement.

Outdoor shutters for windows are a good option and give them a classic look. They look good and also add to the security of your house. You could get exterior wood shutters in the traditional wooden style or get bright colored ones that really stand out.

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Why Storm Shutters As A Material of Choice Against All-Time Tropical Cyclones | Decorative Shutters

Every homeowner deserves to be certain that the outdoor house shutters will protect the property regardless of the severity of the storm, Read More to know.


Why Buying Metal Shutters is the Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Why Buying Metal Shutters is the Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Metal shutters are easy to maintain and offer a deeper sense of security. However, this is an investment that you have to be prepared to make. Why then should you choose metal shutters over any other material, and what benefits do you get from such a choice? Learn more to know




Vinyl Bahama shutters are impressive to use in a house of any architectural design. Preference for vinyl can be attributed to the numerous benefits that the material provides when used in the manufacture of shutters. Learn more to know WHY THE VINYL SHUTTERS ARE THE BEST.enter link description here


9 Tips for Cleaning Exterior Window Shutters

9 Tips for Cleaning Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior Shutters will fail to protect against storm if they are left unattended through cleaning. The cleaning procedure used for your outdoor house shutters determines several factors, including their beauty and lifespan. Here are tips to consider when cleaning exterior shutters.

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The best way to experience the fantastic quality of outdoor shutters is to touch them yourself. Ask for samples while you shop by material including aluminum shutters, vinyl shutters, wooden exterior shutters, composite shutters. Learn more to know...




Bahama shutters are an ideal choice if you require a perfect balance between protection and aesthetic appeal. They are beneficial for many reasons, learn more to know...




If you are planning to replace or install outdoor shutters, you should consider the modern ones for a delightful experience of your home, learn more to know...


A Guide on How You Can Install Exterior Window Shutters

A Guide on How You Can Install Exterior Window Shutters

Did you know that you can install exterior window shutters on your own? Read a Guide on How You Can Install Exterior Window Shutters to learn more...

A Quick Guide to Build Beautiful & Functional Bahama Shutters

If you are researching the best treatment for your windows, you must have come across Bahama shutters on the market. These shutters have a tropical feel and add a dash of elegance to any property. They are popular across the country and even away from the coastal areas. If you want to enhance your home’s aesthetics while at the same time protecting it against the elements, Bahama shutters are your best bet.

The best thing about this popular window treatment is that you can make the fittings in your home workshop. If you are good with tools, this is a DIY challenge you can take on today.

This guide explores Bahama window shutters in detail and offers tips on how to make these beautiful shutters in simple steps.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Plantation Shutters - FutureEnTech

Plantation shutters are back — this time in a variety of modern designs. If you are thinking of updating your window treatments, then plantation shutters may be precisely what you need.

Thinking of Window Shutters? Here’s Why to Go for Aluminum Material

A home is one of the most valuable investments in life. As such, it requires topnotch maintenance through quality improvements. Installation of window shutters is one of the most practical home improvement ideas. While wood shutters go back to the ancient civilizations, aluminum shutters have emerged as a worthy alternative.

Planning To Install Window Shutters? Consider these Factors to Choose the Right Type

The use of window shutters for homes dates back to the earliest civilizations. While the styles and materials have evolved over the years, the reasons behind the use of these fixtures remain the same. For the modern homeowner, installing exterior windows shutters is one of the ever-green home improvement trends.

7 Reasons Why Shutters Are A Must-Have Colored Shutters

White shutters indeed bring sophistication and elegance to any room. But again, colored outdoor shutters can give you more.

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For centuries people have been using outdoor shutters in houses, shops and gardens. It transforms the usual design and looks amazing.

The shutters were originally used in the windows in front of the glass to protect the interior from atmospheric agents and parasites. But from the 19th century onwards, people decided to use them not only for protection but also for decoration. Since then, shutters have come a long way and are now available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. That is why shutters are the most traditional way to embrace any window.

Outdoor shutters are among the most classic window coverings, are easy to operate, envelop the space and add to the value of the property at the time of purchase and sale.

Quick Tips to Help You Choose the Right Material for Exterior Shutters

Thinking of a home upgrade? If so, you are one of the many homeowners looking for the best ideas to improve their homes. A home is a sanctuary and it is no wonder you will not spare any expense to make it better.

If you want the best impact with a home upgrade, you should consider installing exterior window shutters. There’s a tendency to focus on the interior décor during home improvements. However, exterior shutters help balance things out by enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

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7 Ways You Never Thought You Could Use Your Old Window Shutters

Shutters, like all other installations in the house get old and call for disposal. However, old window shutters can be re-purposed into structures that save resources and enhance the appearance of your home. You can do the repurposing using locally available tools and sometimes with mere creativity.

Repurposing enables you to avoid accumulation of debris in your store or garage. It is also a way to ensure prudent use of resources within the home. You can repurpose wooden, metallic, and even synthetic shutters. It will save you the cost of buying new installations for the structures you build using old shutters.

Shopping For Board and Batten Shutters?

Exterior window shutters can make a big impact on your home. If you are in search of a simple but effective home improvement idea, board and batten shutters should do the trick. These shutters consist of one-to-three wood boards. A thin cross panel (batten) holds the boards together diagonally or horizontally. The shutters cover the windows flush for both aesthetic and protective purposes.

Using The Distinct Bahama Shutters To Increase Your Home’s Value

Looking for inspiration for your next home improvement project? How about going back in time and using Bahama window shutters? For most homeowners, home improvement is all about aesthetics. However, with these outdoor shutters, you get something more bang your buck.

Bahama shutters (also known as Bermuda shutters) have emerged among the most popular home sprucing ideas for a different reason. These louver-style shutters are unique in design as they open from the top hinges. They perfectly blend beauty and functionality and also add to your home’s value. This is the dream of every homeowner.

Thinking Of Wooden Shutters? Remember these Practical Maintenance Tips

If you are thinking of a shutter system for your house, wooden shutters should top your list. These are the most popular shutters on the market and for many good reasons. Over the decades, wood shutters also known as plantation shutters have spread across the country. Today, they serve both a functional and decorative function in many types of homes.
Natural air and light control.

Like with all wood fittings, you can increase the functionality and lifespan of your window shutters through proper care and maintenance.

How to Determine the Quality of Your Wood Shutters?

Wooden shutters can be used for decoration, protecting interior space during storms, and provision of privacy, among other options. The ability of these wooden shutters to meet your expectations will depend on quality. Quality shutters also guarantee the best value for money.

A buyer should be certain about the quality of wood shutters before buying. The descriptions provided on online stores will also guide you when assessing the quality of shutters. Here are tips that will help you determine the quality of shutters.