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Things To Keep In Mind While Going For A Bridal Shopping

Without a doubt, a standout amongst the most energizing parts of the whole wedding arrangement process for any lady of the hour is to locate the ideal dress for herself. In any case, the way toward choosing the ideal outfit isn't generally as fun and simple as it may appear.

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If marriages are made in heaven as they say, it makes sense that weddings have to be a grand affair to justify the significance of the occasion. After all why not, it’s just once in every lifetime that one is fortunate enough to be bestowed with this life changing opportunity.

Well, India has been a conservative society since time immemorial due to the diversified nature of its being. All these diversifications in ideals, cultures, religions, and geographies have forced every sect of the society to hold tight their beliefs, close enough to become shackles against progress, fearing that change will decimate their every existence & identity.

Corporate Image Building India- A Big Time Necessity for Your Business

The term corporate image describes the mode, in which a company is regarded by people who do not belong within the company. In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is of prime significance for companies to create and maintain a positive image amongst the customers, shareholders and the rest of the community.

How to Style an Oval Body Shape! Stylblog| Styl-Inc - Styl-Blog

Continuing our body shape series, we have today one of the most seen body shapes. The one Oprah & Adele are proud owner of! That's the oval body shape.

Trousseau Shopping In Chandigarh With Styl-Inc- An Experience To Remember

Trousseau Shopping In Chandigarh With Styl-Inc- An Experience To Remember If there is any conceivable social event in any culture that is inherently associated with a lot of glitz, glam, choicest...

Styl Inc — Know Your Way Round The Bridal Shopping Avenues

Know Your Way Around The Bridal Shopping Avenues Wedding is nothing short of an extravagant and colorful festival among the people of India. Well, it is not entirely true because of weddings around the...

Becoming a professional and certified image consultant India is quite a difficult feat to achieve. The profession is not a conventional one and nor is the process of getting a head start in this genre. However, with the initiation of grand digitations, the need for image consultants has increased manifolds and this is all thanks to the marketing prospect of digitization.

7 Tips To Rock Your Next Business Dining Experience – Stylinc

Regardless of whether you're snatching a brisk lunch with a partner or need to awe a customer at a formal supper, keeping up with the best version of yourself is the need of the hour. Nonetheless, following the business dining etiquette India could be daunting tasks don’t worry! Here's a boost of business dining etiquette…

Tips To Remember When Going For Bridal Shopping In India

Out of the 12 months in every calendar year, 8 months are dedicated for weddings. And if you are thinking that the 4 left out months are there for reprieve then you are quite wrong. These are preparatory months that are the time when you do all the shopping since the prices will be a little bit lower than the peak wedding seasons.

Tips and Tricks for Corporate Dressing for Men in India

Each country has its own culture; similarly, corporate work culture differs from country to country. In the Indian work culture, you are expected to groom well, it is the indication of whether or not the person is dedicated towards their tasks or the company. Many organisations in India have the policies where they allow the…

Thriving Image Consulting Services in India

Image Management is one of the dynamic processes, which includes evaluating and governing the quality of your individual appearance. An image is something that you carry to materialize yourself to face others or to tune yourself to make a precise judgment over others.

In essence, image management is an art concerned with how a person presents his clothing, grooming, etiquette, and body language. It is a process that is constantly underway. Image management is, primarily, concerned with the evaluation and management of certain consequences that a person’s appearance, actions, behaviors, and communications have on the person himself, on his peers and co-workers, his current achievements, and his future goals.

Fashion Picks from Vogue Wedding Show 2019 | Styl-Blog | Stylinc

As the official Wedding Stylists & Personal Shoppers for Vogue India, we were first to see the just launched collection. Click to see our favorites.

What Brides can Wear through Autumn-Summer 2019: Brides of Every Season

Styl.Inc’s very own take on the “Brides of Every Season”, a creatively conceptualised photoshoot. Dabble into our blog for the latest scoop of fashion!

According to me when it comes to formal dress, it is always tuxedos and suits! A perfectly tailored custom suit can do wonders.

Shopping For NRI in India- A Great Spectacle

Shopping For NRI in India- A Great Spectacle India is home to numerous attractions. In every aspect, India is ready to serve guests with multiple options. From local tourists guide to professional...

Here Is How To Improve Your Business Communication Skill Effectively

You realize that great communication skills are basic to maintain to be the best in the business. Your communication skills can charm your clients, raise your reputation among your bosses, and help...

Lakme Fashion Week 2019 – Winter/Festive – Styl Picks | StylBlog | Styl-Inc

New Season, New Fashion for Fall-Winter 2019. Another season of Lakme Fashion Week rolls to an end & brought so many designers in the light.

Styl Inc Presents Exclusive Wedding Consultancy Services

Weddings have always been a platform for showcasing an interesting mix of grandiose and splendour since the beginning of time and why not, it only happens once in a lifetime.

What Are The Necessary Business Communication Skills Required For Achieving Success?

Well to be very honest, it the communicative skill that we have as human, is what makes us most evolved. Communication is the basis of every relationship. Whether it is personal or professional, without a nice and understanding conversation everything will go sour and all of the endeavors will fall through. In the light of…

Corporate Wears: Its Importance and Impact

The first impression is a trivial thing. Not that all person dresses in a very planned way trying to impress others. But such scopes cannot be completely ignored.

8 Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2019 for your Wardrobe

We have the latest fashion trends 2019 fresh off the runway just for you! Indulge yourself in all the major style trends of 2019!

Follow these Trends and Make the Wedding Event Highly Memorable

Today, weddings have become a million-dollar business. You may opt for the top big fat celebration or any of the other private intimate ceremonies. Also, the wedding is one of the most important and rememberable events for a lifetime. Though the tradition is the same, there are new trends in the wedding developments. Every couple…

10 Dining Etiquette Tips for Your Next Business Dinner

Bing the business professional, it is necessary to visit new people and spend time with them. You might move for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a cup of coffee or tea. For many, eating with the new person in the business or professional environment is a tricky task. You will have hundreds of thoughts about…