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Artificial Intelligence Service Company

Oodles Technologies specializes in providing various IT services with excellent results. The new dedicated services for Artificial Intelligence and its tools are no different than what we have done till now. With a revamped look and feel, Oodles AI brings every service in demand using Artificial Intelligence as a base under one roof. Our experts excel in developing solutions for a wide range of challenges using AI.

With AI, unleash business insights, provide unique experiences, and increase revenue

AI development company helps you build AI enabled applications. Chatbots, Recommendation engines, NLP, Planning system. Get expert assistance from our AI Consulting services

Recommendation Engines | Product Recommendation System – Artificial Intelligence Development Company | AI Development...

Recommendation engines provide interactive user experience by suggesting relevant data based on their profile. Increases cross-sell or upsell upon analyzing user behavior and browsing patterns.

Improving FinTech Services with Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence Development Company | AI Developmen...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are significantly improving the way we work, learn, shop, and move. Their impact on improving operational and industrial processes is increasing steadily with more technological advancements. This blog discusses the impact of AI on fintech solutions to enhance the end user experience. Leading financial services companies are using AI technologies for fast and secure funds transfer, reliable customer support, and in-depth market analysis. Even the services from AI app development services companies are assisting financial service providers to take advantage of technology.
Know more: FinTech Services with Artificial Intelligence

AI Application Development Services

Unlock the Value of Your Data & Accelerate Your Journey to A.I. on the Cloud. Efficient Development, Deployment & Management of Enterprise AI Solutions. Continuous Monitoring. Speak To our Experts. Oodles AI is serivng in multiple Industries: Retail, Healthcare, banking, insurance, marketing, etc. Join hands with us for AI App development services, moreover you can develop your own bot with our chatbot messenger app integration services.

Artificial Intelligence to speed up trip planning

Using AI-based applications, they can recommend travel options instantly. Providers of artificial intelligence services can develop travel solutions that make travel planning smarter and less time-consuming.  

Avail our AI app development services
We, at Oodles, are an artificial intelligence development company, that builds smart solutions to solve industry-specific challenges. With a pool of experienced professionals, we develop smart AI-powered applications using the latest AI-toolkit.

Building Engaging Conversational Interfaces with DialogFlow - Artificial Intelligence Development Company | AI Develo...

Using Artificial Intelligence Services, you can develop a custom chatbot application to effectively handle customer queries. DialogFlow is one such tool that can be used to build conversational interfaces with natural language interactions.

Transforming CRM Operations With Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence Development Company | AI Developme...

The advent of artificial intelligence has augmented the capabilities of CRM systems with improved performance and efficiency. The Machine Learning algorithms automatically adjust to the changing customer requirements and they get smarter with time. An AI-powered CRM system will make a business to produce efficient services for clients or customers. Thus, it will encourage businesses to produce a profitable outcome. The adoption of AI-powered CRM systems will be the next wave of technological innovation in the field of AI. It will increase their productivity allowing them to focus on what matters the most – building healthy customer relationships.

Why choose Oodles for Artificial Intelligence Services
At Oodles, we create AI-powered web and mobile applications that deliver engaging user experiences. Our AI team builds next-gen AI applications to give you an edge over your competitors. We perform a thorough analysis of your business resources to identify the areas of improvement through AI. Based on your requirements, we build advanced AI and ML applications to streamline your business processes.

AI app development services

Oodles AI specializes in providing various AI app Development services with excellent results. The new dedicated Artificial intelligence services are no different than what we have done till now. With a revamped look and feel, Oodles AI brings every service in demand using Artificial Intelligence as a base under one roof.

5 ways AI is transforming Document Management Systems (DMS) - Artificial Intelligence Development Company | AI Develo...

If you search a document on a computer, you either need to know its exact location or perform a keyword search. AI enables human-like interactions with machines to accelerate the task of locating documents in a more engaging way. It not only reduces time and effort but also increases productivity. With AI, document management becomes smarter, simpler, and easier. Moreover, it delivers real-time contextual information that significantly improves workflow efficiency. Artificial intelligence services company can significantly improve document management systems, making them smarter and less time-consuming.

Improving Industrial Processes with Machine Learning - Artificial Intelligence Development Company | AI Development S...

Maintaining efficiency in industrial processes is essential as it directly affects the top and bottom lines. The use of ML and AI enables performance optimization at all levels to eliminate potential challenges including hardware management. Integrating ML algorithms into quality control processes can minimize product defects to reduce unnecessary production costs. From predictive maintenance to supply chain optimization and quality control, machine learning can improve multiple industrial processes.

Why choose Oodles for Artificial Intelligence Services
Avail the benefits of artificial intelligence to deliver engaging user experiences. Our AI team analyses your business requirements to identify the areas of improvement through AI. Based on your requirements, we build advanced AI and ML applications to streamline your business processes.

Setting up Smart Homes with Artificial Intelligence

Improve Your Home Automation Business with Our AI App Development Services

Our development team integrates AI features in home automation applications and smart home device software. We are an artificial intelligence development company, that uses the latest AI toolkit to develop smart home solutions. Our services range from NLP, computer vision to predictive analytics and recommendation engines.

How Machine Learning Is Improving Business Processes

Many of the leading organizations today are using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the decision-making process. Machine learning and deep learning, the two subsegments of AI are also reaching deep into the enterprise. They are enabling automation of many tasks that are now done manually, creating greater efficiencies, and reducing errors. Besides, machine learning offers valuable new insights into the massive amounts of data being generated. According to IDC, by the year 2021, 75% of digital transformation initiatives will use Artificial Intelligence services.

The Transformative Power of Computer Vision Across Industries - Artificial Intelligence Development Company | AI Deve...

In its current state, computer vision is an important part of the digital factory. It has the potential to transform every field that one can imagine. Businesses can explore new opportunities using AI-based solutions that have computer vision integrations. AI solutions with computer vision can identify faces and analyze customers’ sentiments to offer them relevant suggestions and services.

Why Choose Oodles for Artificial Intelligence Services
Streamline your business processes with AI-based application solutions. Talk to our seasoned AI team to enhance your business operations. We have an AI toolkit to develop feature-rich AI applications efficiently. Our services range from developing computer vision applications to chatbots, NLP, and recommendation systems.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Food Industry - AI development services

The implementation of AI and ML in the food industry is already moving the industry to a new level. It ensures fewer human errors, less waste of abundant products, costs saved for storage, and efficient customer services. An AI-powered chatbot is one of the simplest applications for brands to launch across the food industry, ensuring customer engagement.

Fulfill your AI requirements with our AI Development Services
We, at Oodles, have a seasoned team of AI developers who have successfully delivered cross-platform AI applications. Our solutions are infused with high-end AI development services that seamlessly integrate with your business processes, boosting operational efficiency and business growth.

Improving Business Operations with Facial Recognition Technology | Artificial Intelligence Services

Leading global businesses are exploring the far-reaching capabilities of facial recognition technology (FRT) to engage audiences and improve revenues. Facial recognition techniques are useful for strengthening security systems, building personalized products, tracking employee performance, and more.

However, similar to other artificial intelligence services, implementing facial recognition technology involves challenges arising from racial differences, image manipulation, etc. Overcoming such challenges is critical for the successful application of facial recognition technology.

AI Development Services for Water Management Systems

Water management issues are at the center of environmental debates taking place across the globe. Irrational distribution, leakages, contamination, and overuse of groundwater are some of the biggest challenges associated with the water management industry.

Today, industry leaders are exploring AI development services for water management systems to mitigate the water crisis using AI and IoT devices. Together, these technologies provide effective mechanisms to monitor water quality, detect leakages, analyze demand, and streamline global water management.

Transforming eCommerce Businesses with Robotic Process Automation

Businesses marching towards automation are beginning to realize the benefits of robotics. It is possible with Robotic Process Automation or RPA, the first wave of artificial intelligence services, that is overtaking business processes efficiently. For businesses that have implemented RPA are observing 86% productivity improvement and 59% cost reductions according to Deloitte’s RPA Survey.

Using AI Surveillance Systems to Strengthen Global Industries

Video surveillance is a traditional security measure used to prevent theft, vandalism, and illicit trespassing. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in video surveillance, aka AI surveillance, is expanding business opportunities beyond security. The combination of AI development services and surveillance empowers cameras to recognize people, objects, and conditions with agility and precision. Today, global industries including retail, healthcare, and automobile are using AI surveillance to extract better customer insights and accelerate growth.

Accelerating Sales Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Today industrial leaders are combating various sales-force challenges with AI sales assistants under the umbrella of artificial intelligence services.

Business Benefits of Using Python for Artificial Intelligence Projects

An exponential increase in computing power and algorithmic advances have brought potential AI projects to life. Successful artificial intelligence services require layers of human data, progressive neural networks, and a versatile programming language. While data proliferation has propelled machine learning, python for artificial intelligence has enabled businesses to achieve AI milestones.

Computer Vision Development Services

We at Oodles AI, develop applications with Computer Vision capabilities to enable object classification, feature recognition, segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, filtering. Talk to our experts for demo and Custom Computer Vision Development Services.

Augmented Reality Meets Artificial Intelligence | Industrial Usecases

Augmented reality (AR) has revolutionized the way humans interact with their physical environment. However, the key source of immersive user experience is the underlying combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). AI encompasses computer vision development services that enable controlling of 2D and 3D objects in AR systems. Today, the combination of AI and AR is entering various business operations such as assembly, warehousing, repair, and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Oodles brings you the opportunity to reinvent your business strategies by integrating artificial intelligence services a library of modules to enable accelerated AI features development for your business.

5 Facial Recognition Technology Trends and Market Predictions 2019

Worldwide digitization of consumer data has impacted the adoption of facial recognition technology significantly. Today, AI-powered computer vision services.

Significance and Use Cases of AI Weather Forecasting Across Industries

Accurate weather forecasting is a functional prerequisite for global industries including disaster management, agriculture, air travel, and retail. Traditional weather forecasting practices relied on human intelligence to infer complex statistical data including satellite imagery, precipitation reports, etc. However, human lethargy and lack of accurate data analysis have led business leaders to explore artificial intelligence services for this sector.