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8 Tips to Get Pregnant

If a woman really wants a child but conception doesn’t occur, this can be a real problem. But do not immediately despair. How can you quickly get pregnant? Everyone seems to have tips: mom, friends, and colleagues. But first of all, you need to realize that the excitement has a reason. Secondly, to divide the problem (if it really exists) into physiological and emotional components and analyze what is wrong.


Examination by a doctor

Examination by a doctor

Before you get pregnant, you should pass a full medical examination. If the examination reveals any health problems, it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment and be observed by a doctor. If you take the responsible approach to planning a child, be sure to take your spouse with you to the specialist.

In addition, consult with a specialist regarding the intake of vitamins. They will help reduce the risk of neural tube defects, such as a child's spina bifida.

Also, if you want to get pregnant, reduce the use of potent drugs to a minimum. The consumption of large quantities of antibiotics, antihistamines, and painkillers adversely affect the maturation of the egg cell.


Track the Cycle

The ovulation period is the most favorable time for conception. In women with a cycle of 28 days, ovulation usually occurs on day 14. However, if it is difficult for you to determine exactly when ovulation will occur, use an ovulation test, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.



It often happens that a woman's cervix is in an odd position during certain sex positions. In some poses, the flow of sperm slows down. That’s why there are special sex positions to get pregnant.


It Makes No Sense to Raise the Legs

You can often hear that after sex you need to lie down with your legs raised. In fact, even if you raise your legs up, the position of the pelvis will not change. It will not affect the success of conception. Instead, just quietly lying down for 10-15 minutes after intercourse will be enough. This will make it easier for the semem to get into the uterus.


Do not Overdo it

To increase the chances of conceiving a child, it is not necessary to exhaust each other with sex during ovulation. The fact is that the quality of male sperm decreases with frequent ejaculation. To double your chances of getting pregnant, it’s enough to have sex once a day.

If you have problems with the allocation of a sufficient amount of natural lubricant - do not use synthetic lubricants. The use of synthetic lubricants for sexual intercourse contributes to the death of spermatozoa.


Avoid Stress

Attempts to conceive a child, that for a long time don’t lead to the desired result, are stressful for both the woman and man. Nervousness is poorly displayed on ovulation and often causes frustration in men. Any healthy methods of relaxing (adequate sleep, massage, even a couple of sips of wine) will help to achieve the result.


Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not a fanatical sport, which can even cause a lack of ovulation. It is necessary to reduce the level of physical activity if you workout longer than 45-50 minutes every day. Half an hour of aerobics or walking and eating healthy is what actually helps to conceive a child. Get rid of bad habits (men also), primarily smoking and drinking alcohol.


Refuse of diets

Consumption of low-calorie foods and, as a result, weight loss affects the hormones responsible for fertility. If you want to lose weight and become a mother - you have to choose one out of the two.

If you chose the second option, then do not forget about proper nutrition. Get rid of snacks, and remember that a significant increase or decrease in weight greatly reduces your chances of getting pregnant. So try to regulate your weight before pregnancy.