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Bathroom Waterproofing and Tiling: DIY Guide

Looking to have your bathroom waterproofed. Then checkout this DIY guide on effective bathroom waterproofing and tiling.

10 Must-Have DIY Plumbing Tools For Every Home

If in doubt, call a plumber. But some jobs you can do yourself - you'll just need this list of 10 brilliantly handy DIY plumbing tools to have in your toolbox.

6 Ways to get your Exterior House Colour Schemes Right

The inside of your dream home really matters - but the outside is crucially important too! Here are 6 tips for getting your exterior house colour schemes right.

How To Change A Tap Washer (Step By Step Guide)

In most cases, a leaky tap is the result of a faulty washer. Luckily following the right steps on how to change a tap washer is easy!

Family Security: 5 Reasons to Install a Home Alarm System

Home alarm systems protect your family from intruders and other dangers. Here are 5 reasons to install or upgrade your home security alarm systems now!

How to Unblock a Drain Fast? Follow These 6 Steps!

Got a blocked drain and no idea what to do? Before calling the plumber, learn how to unblock a drain with these 6 super-simple DIY hacks.

What Size Hot Water System Do I Need? (Plumber's Guide)

You need a new unit, but what size hot water system is right for you? Follow our guide to hot water system sizing to make the right choice.

6 Factors Affecting Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

Traditional water heaters last up to 8-12 years and modern ones last about 20 years. Look for gurgling sounds, dampness, and tinted water to know when to

Pergola vs Verandah vs Patio - What's the difference?

It's that age-old question: pergola vs verandah vs patio? Explore the difference between them and start to plan the next great addition to your dream home.

What’s That Scratching Noise In Your Roof? Here Are The Culprits!

That scratching noise in your roof was both annoying and worrying. But what causes this? Check this blog to know the possible culprits!

The Big 6 Factors: Gas vs Electric Hot Water Systems

Is the 'gas vs electric hot water' question giving you a headache? Our guide will help you choose between gas and electric hot water systems.

How To Spot Termites In Trees And What To Do About Them!

Do you suspect termites in trees near your house? If left uncontrolled, termites can do serious damage! Learn signs of termites in trees and what to do.

6 Best Bed Bug Sprays in 2022 [Detailed Reviews]

The market is full of bed bug sprays claiming to be the best. However, that’s not often the case. We are here to help!