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Qaha Training

QAHA is committed to ensure that every student gets the best training and career opportunities in the industry.

Aviation ground staff courses in Navi Mumbai

A ground steward/stewardess refers to staff members who are designated to carry out duties on the ground. Airlines/ companies employ personnel who work at airports to ensure smooth transport of passengers and their luggage to and from their airplanes. a person who performs this duty is called a ground staff/ ground steward/ stewardess or passenger service agent.

Aviation cabin Crew courses in Navi Mumbai

During their career, cabin crew have the privilege of visiting new destinations and expanding their horizon. Airline crew have the opportunity to explore the world, learn new languages, visit countries never heard of before and expand their horizon, knowledge and skills all along on duty and living in the lap of luxury, overnight stays at different destinations are spent in the best hotels of the country has to offer along with access to the hotels amenities at the airlines expense or a discounted rate.

Cabin crew institute in Navi Mumbai

The career profile of a cabin crew is very highly revered and has always been so. This is because the duties and responsibilities that the job entails are not only related to glamour, but carry a very high safety responsibility.

Aviation ground staff courses in Navi Mumbai

In addition to cabin crew, aviation ground staff courses in Navi Mumbai are also much sought after which give up the demand for higher education or training past the high school.

Airport ground staff training in Navi Mumbai

QAHA has undertaken the initiative to trained students at an educational level from a government recognized university/college by encouraging them to enrol in a distance education (Graduation Degree) of a particular course of their choice.

Airport ground staff training in Navi Mumbai

Currently the largest group in south Asia to impart training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering , additionally we also provide Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot License course. Our training and courses are all complied with and recognized by the law of the land.

Aviation cabin Crew courses in Navi Mumbai

Cabin crew course fees in Navi Mumbai and most other cities are quite steep compared to other vocational or professional courses. However, the return on the investment is manifold times. Beginners can land lucrative pay packages through the institutes and the chances to make more money as a steward or stewardess only increases with experience. Moreover, who can deny the excitement that the job brings, of travelling all over the world and coming in contact with a variety of cultures.

Airport ground staff training in Navi Mumbai

Ground staff is an important part of any airport. Of course, there are some requirements to be complied with. However, for those who are wondering what is the exact job description of a ground staff in an airport before they take up Ground staff courses in Navi Mumbai.

Cabin crew institute in Navi Mumbai

With nervousness, and indecisive nature of what to do, and what not to do, you may find it hard to figure out how to behave on your first day. Here are some tips to help you out at your Cabin crew course in Navi Mumbai and training:
• Do your research: You need to consider what type of college you need or which type of colleges will help you get the maximum benefit. Furthermore, researching beforehand will help you to decide where you want to go and help you come up with the pros and cons of various courses.
• Understanding your course: Most people simply go ahead with the first course they see online. Now, that maybe seem like a good idea for you at the time, but it could lead to a lot of problems later. Before you decide that you want to take up a course in the aviation industry, understand the cabin crew training system, the enrolment procedure and what else will be you be required to do.
• Knowing the eligibility: Like every other course or college, you’d need to be eligible for the course. You cannot simply enter a college or course at any time that suits you. Before you think that this is the course for you, you need to consider if you are eligible for the course or not. Look up the details online before you make a decision.

Cabin crew institute in Navi Mumbai

All in all a highly envied and coveted career. The perks and benefits offered to cabin crew may vary depending on the airline they are employed in, these benefits are subject to vary at the discretion of the airline. Qaha is best aviation colleges in mumbai, India and it is provide cabin crew training in mumbai India and cabin crew courses in mumbai India. One of the premier best cabin crew colleges in mumbai India.

Why Cabin Crew Courses is the Best Option after 10+2?

Cabin crew training institute, Navi Mumbai is the perfect launch pad for aviation jobs. There are multiple reasons to consider enrollment in cabin crew course in Navi Mumbai, whereaviation training colleges are shaping up the career of thousands of women in India.

Cabin crew training institute in Navi Mumbai

Cabin crew training is basically of 3 types – certificate level, diploma level, and degree level with most of the noted training institutes in India. So, the Cabin crew course fees in Navi Mumbai is more likely to differ accordingly.

Cabin crew training institute Navi Mumbai

Cabin crew are very well paid by the airline, for the services they offer to passengers. Airlines pay very high salary packages in India and can reach double in International airlines, the salary starts at the basic and increases with a crew member’s experience.

Cabin crew college in Navi Mumbai

Being a cabin staff is a dream job for many. Do you cherish a dream to be an airline cabin staff? What you require is an aviation course in a premier cabin crew institute in Navi Mumbai.

Cabin crew course in Navi Mumbai

However, as far as choosing a training institute in India is concerned, you need to choose the one that not only offers theoretical knowledge but also offers the first-hand experience via practical and industrial training.

Cabin crew course fees in Navi Mumbai

Cabin crew training institute in Navi Mumbai is the best for achieving utmost prominence from career prospective. Cabin crew course typically falls under the category of Aviation Management and Hospitality (International).