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Spring Vales Resorts (Tour & Travels)

Things you should know before starting your silk route tour

Since Silk Route covers a very large area, there is no specific time to opt for a Silk Route tour. Though it covers various countries, travel agencies generally suggest their customers to plan their trip during early autumn or late summer.

The ultimate guide for a memorable silk route tour

This article focuses on providing necessary information about silk route tour. These guidance surely help you to make your tour memorable.

Things you should know before going for silk route tour

Though the beauty of the Silk route remains intact throughout the year, early autumn and late spring are considered to be the best time to plan your trip.

Answers to some important questions often asked before planning a trip to Silk Route

However, planning the trip and choosing a silk route tour package, you must have answers to all the relevant questions in the mind.

Homestays in Kolakham will allow you to make your trip memorable

If you are ready to explore Kolakham then you need to stay at a homestay and explore the serene natural effulgence. Count on these establishments for making your holiday memorable.

Make your Zuluk trip memorable with Zuluk homestay

Are you ready to explore the natural setting of Zuluk in Sikkim? If so while travelling drop in at a homestay to enjoy the real flavours of this inspiring land.

Make your this weekend memorable by visiting in Rishyap

Rishyap is a picturesque hill village that you must visit during your vacation, if you are really looking for a place where you can enjoy your days in complete quietude.

A few important notes to know about Silk Route tour beforehand

The Sikkim Silk Route passes across many Himalayan hamlets, as already mentioned. Though remote and almost inhabitable, you won’t find it difficult to get suitable accommodation along the route.

Why is it a good idea to visit a hill station than a religious place?

It would be great to enjoy your vacation at a hill station than a religious spot. The former is less crowded than religious destinations.

Enjoy your trip to a hill hamlet while staying at a homestay

By staying in homestay in Zuluk, you can participate in family traditions and culture. Learn a new language. Participate in family traditions and culture. Witness cultural practices within the home and live life like the local folks.

Plan a memorable trip to Zuluk by staying in Zuluk hotels

Zuluk is the key transit point to visit a number of beautiful places on the Himalayan range. From this place, you can get around other spectacular places on the Silk Route.

Spring Vale Resorts: How to choose the right hotel in a hill station?

As it comes to choosing a hotel in Zuluk, every tourist does a little bit of research on different options before starting the trip.

Homestays in hill stations are-the best resort to explore the inner beauty

However, finding out a good homestay, which is like a home away from a home, is difficult yet possible.

How to find the right hotel in a small hill hamlet?

As it comes to booking the best hotel in Zuluk, follow some tips. Understand the market for hotel reservations. Make early booking for peak seasons. Get what exactly you are paying for. Make plans for weekdays and avoid weekends for a better deal. Make use of booking apps for discount deals.

Five Major Tourist Spots in The Sikkim Silk Route

This article focuses on providing necessary information about silk route tour. Here you will be aware of five major tourist spots in Sikkim Silk Route. Everyone can enjoy the tour by travelling these famous tourist spot.

Visit Zuluk — Have a Date with the Lesser-Known Beautiful Village in Sikkim

Zuluk is travellers’ paradise with virgin scenic spots filled with blissful beauty of Nature. Trekkers love to explore Zuluk with full adventurous gusto.

4 beautiful places you must consider in your silk route tour package

Everyone who has visited Silk Route will agree with the fact that the road offers the perfect blend of rugged terrain and charming landscape.

Make Your North Sikkim Tour Exciting By Including Silk Route

Silk Route is an integral part of North Sikkim as it is an ancient trade network connecting China and India.

Booking A Hotel In Rishyap? Know More About The Place

Rishyap offers the perfect blend of deep valleys, lush green hills and squashy grasslands. There is something to satisfy the wanderlust of every traveller.

A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing a Silk Route Package

The Old Silk Route is alternatively referred to as the Silk Road. It is located in the East of Sikkim. It is a trade route that connected India to China during ancient times.

Must visit places you should include in your silk route tour package

Though the Silk Route is less travelled, you can make it memorable by including all the places stated above in your tour package.

How to plan a perfect trip for silk route tour?

This article focuses on planning a mesmerising trip to Silk Route. In this monsoon season Silk Route offers many memorable trips.

Reasons – Why you should visit Kolakham to make you weekend memorable

This article will help you to know the reasons of visiting the beautiful Kolakham as your next travel destination. This beautiful village is located in the Kalimpong.

You must be aware of these two things before travelling to the silk route

Here this article focuses on providing necessary information about necessary things before planning to go for silk route tour.

Top reasons! Why should you visit neora valley for a memorable tour?

Your trip to Neora Valley will be one of your most memorable trips for sure. Book your hotel early and find the right guide for your tour too.