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5 Awesome Benefits of Mylar Shades

Selecting a window treatment for your home or office can be difficult. With all the great options out there, picking the right one can be overwhelming and complicated. After all, there are a lot of different factors to consider, from material to function. Not sure what to pick? Here’s why mylar shades are one of the best window treatments in the industry right now and why they might be perfect for your home or business. Here are the top five reasons why mylar shades are a product you won’t want to pass up.


They preserve your view.

Don’t you wish you could enjoy the view outside your window all day long while still maintaining some privacy, preventing heat from coming in or cold air from escaping? Whether you have an ocean-front property or just enjoy watching the grandkids playing in the backyard, mylar shades preserve your view while still giving you the benefit of a functional window treatment. Many other similar options offer a generally distorted view, such as through a screen door. This is not the case with mylar shades. These window treatments allow natural light into the room while eliminating glare and excess heat while allowing you the same view that you would have without shades (with a little bit of a tint). In fact, mylar shades are often considered sunglasses for your windows because that’s exactly what the view looks like!


They allow for enhanced privacy options.

With most window treatment options, you either have complete privacy with the shade down or blinds drawn, or you don’t. When the shade or blinds are up, you and your rooms are completely exposed. With mylar shades, you have more options. One type comes with a silver reflective backing which provides more privacy during the day, even when the lights are on. It’s also excellent for glare and heat reduction. The other type of mylar shade comes without a silver backing and affords less privacy as you can easily see through both directions. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and the level of privacy you desire.


They’re safe and durable.

Mylar Shades have a cordless option available that are designed to be safe for small children, pets, or the clutch-lift system. These shades are easy to maintain and install and buyers are provided with a factory direct limited lifetime warranty. The only piece that is not supported by this warranty is the lift cords, which come with a three-year warranty. If you are looking for safe, high quality shades, Mylar shades are for you. They are also American made and designed to last.


They lead to reduced wear and tear.

What does this mean? Mylar shades are designed to block the suns energy and hold heat in cold weather. By offering greater solar heat reduction and glare reduction, they help prevent more energy transfer than other options. This might not seem like it would make a big difference, but these types of damages can really add up. This is rough on your home heating and cooling devices, especially over time. With mylar shades, this wear and tear is reduced.


They're easy to order.

Mylar shades can be a great addition to any home or business space. While they can be pricier than other window treatments, they are now 45% off at! This is a great deal that doesn’t happen often, so you won’t want to miss out on these wonderful shades. BlindsShopper also offers easy and secure online ordering. This means you can conveniently get them through an exclusively online ordering experience – something you just can’t find anywhere else. Contact BlindShopper today to take advantage of this deal.