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Maintenance and Reliability Articles

Articles about equipment maintenance and reliability for plant professionals.

Predictive Maintenance Explained

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is maintenance that monitors the performance and condition of equipment during normal operation to reduce the likelihood of failures. Also known as condition-based...

3 Lean Manufacturing Techniques You Need to Know

Lean manufacturing has many advantages, such as higher productivity, improved customer service, lower lead times, increased employee morale and a safer work environment. Each of these contri…

How the IIoT Is Changing Condition Monitoring

While the industrial internet of things (IIoT) will not make all other forms of condition monitoring obsolete, it is a powerful enabler.

5 Ways to Transition to Proactive Maintenance Practices

Those who have transitioned to proactive maintenance have realized that not only are there significant financial benefits from reduced equipment failures and downtime but that daily maintena…

What Is a Reliability Professional?

An ideal reliability professional has a variety of attributes: a lifetime of real-world experience, a master or journeyman’s license, trade certifications, professional licenses, and a profe…

4 Tips to Keep Your Plant Running When Equipment Breaks Down

No matter your business type or the machines you use, being prepared is the best way to keep your operation running smoothly when your equipment breaks down.

Why You Need Good Maintenance Procedures

There are very strong and pressing reasons for developing detailed maintenance procedures, including their importance to the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance departments. Discover…

Who Makes a Good Maintenance Manager?

A good maintenance manager will appreciate and recognize the good "problem-avoiders" (supervisors, planners, engineers, inspectors, etc.) and expert tradespeople, and then develop the others…

Equipment Reliability Best Practices for Industrial Machinery

Case study describing equipment reliability best practices at a water treatment facility where a condition-based proactive strategy enhanced reliability.

Using Infrared Technology for Reliability-based Maintenance

Effective use of thermal imaging by reliability-based maintenance and manufacturing personnel provides increased equipment reliability.

10 Common Grease Problems and How to Solve Them | Machinery Lubrication Conference & Exhibition

Identifying problems with lubricants can often be a difficult task. Even with mineral oils and synthetics fluids where oil analysis is widespread and commonly used, the underlying cause of a problem may not be obvious. When comparing greases, the picture gets even cloudier and more difficult. Most greases have minimal characteristics that can be used to compare one to another.

Root Cause Analysis Explained | Reliable Plant | 2019

Root cause analysis is a systematic approach for uncovering the root cause of problems. Read about how to conduct a root cause analysis, common root cause analysis tools and more.

What Is Overall Equipment Effectiveness? | Reliable Plant | 2019

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is the premier standard for measure manufacturing productivity. Read about how to calculate OEE, the six big losses, OEE benefits and more.

Desiccant Breather Buyers Guide | Machinery Lubrication

Desiccant breathers filter out contaminants such as dirt and moisture from machinery. Read about how desiccant breathers work, how to choose the right one, how to install one and more.

Vibration Analysis Explained | Reliable Plant

Vibration analysis helps you monitor and detect issues using vibration data. Read about vibration analysis methodology, tools and techniques, vibration analysis measurement methods, and more.

Infrared Thermography Explained | Reliable Plant | 2019

Infrared thermography is the process of using a thermal imager to detect radiation from an object. Read about how infrared thermography works and how to use it in preventive maintenance.

How to Implement Reliability-Centered Maintenance | Reliable Plant

Read about how reliability-centered maintenance works, how you should implement it and see how reliability-centered maintenance can benefit you.

Oil Filter Cart Buyers Guide | Machinery Lubrication

Oil filter carts are a portable way to filter new and used oil, take oil samples, and transfer oil to and from storage containers and machines. Read about how to select, set up and use an oil filter cart.

Work Order Software Buyers Guide | Reliable Plant

Work order software helps manage and simplify incoming and outgoing orders across multiple industries. Read about the versatility of work order software and how it can help you.

FMEA Explained: What Is It and How Do You Implement It?

FMEA is an analytical tool used in the design phase to help mitigate risk and failures during processes. Read about the main types of FMEA and learn how to implement it.

A Guide to Oil Sampling Hardware | Machinery Lubrication

Using the right oil sampling hardware helps ensure you’re getting an accurate sample every time. Read about the oil sampling equipment you need to take an accurate oil sample.

Total Productive Maintenance: An Overview | Reliable Plant

Total Productive Maintenance is the process of using machines, equipment, employees and supporting processes to maintain and improve the integrity of production and the quality of systems.

Laser Alignment Tools | Shaft and Belt Alignment | Reliable Plant

Laser alignment tools come in user-friendly kits to help you correct multiple types of misalignment. Read about how to use a shaft and belt laser alignment tool and more.

Preventive Maintenance: An Overview | Reliable Plant

Preventive maintenance is an established routine of periodically inspecting equipment, noticing small issues and fixing them before they turn into major problems.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling: An Overview

Proper maintenance and scheduling in manufacturing, when done right, can greatly increase productivity. Read about how to implement maintenance planning and scheduling and more.