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Coffee Lover

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans. Start with the finest green beans, roast them with skill and passion, and deliver the freshest possible coffee to our customers.

Coffee Roasters Asia | Organic Coffee Capsules

Coffee Roasters Asia brings you our organic espresso coffee capsule – organic coffee delivers a standard shot of rich roast coffee with flavours you can't resist.

Post | Coffee Roasters Asia | Buy the Best Roasted Coffee Beans in Hong Kong

Brazilian green coffee beans that exhibits a flavor that has become extremely popular in the world of coffee.

Biodegradable Coffee Capsule

Coffee capsules are the plastic containers with an aluminium foil seal, with ground coffee contained inside.

Colombian Coffee: One of the World's Best

Colombian coffee is the name given to a 100% washed Arabica coffee produced in the coffee growing regions of Colombia.

Honduras SHG EP Washed Copan RFA

Our world is filled with different countries that produce coffee, at all different levels, and they all have a story to tell and are usually impacted hugely by the coffee industry.

Costa Rica SHB Washed Tarrazu

When you hear Costa Rican coffee, you will probably have an idea or thought about good quality and strong flavor. Both thoughts are correct, Costa Ricans take their coffee very seriously and are proud of what we call our golden beans.

Production of Coffee Capsules

In 2013, Capsule Pack Pty Ltd was established as a contract packer to service the coffee industry's need for locally packed capsules. Their factory is located in Queensland, Australia and features state of the art coffee capsule packing equipment enclosed in a climate controlled food safe environment.

Download our App and Shop Your Coffee Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile apps has become the trendiest way for any business, expanding and reaching customers and making the most out of the internet. With the advanced technology and fast way of marketing today, it becomes necessary for us to stay updated with the latest app. For example is with shopping. With the store’s mobile app on your phone, you will be updated with the new and latest products, availability of the product and faster way to place orders.

Coffee Brewing Series 8- Espresso Machine

Coffee was at the height of its popularity in Europe In the 19th century, but the brewing process was slow. Various inventors thus began exploring ways of using steam to reduce the brewing time, but it was Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy and his 1884 patent for a “new steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of coffee beverage” that would eventually lead to espresso and the espresso machine.

Nicaragua Jinotega Las Camelias SHB Coffee

Nicaragua is a beautiful country in Central America. This country is tropical and volcanic, with two lakes and two coasts both in the Pacific and in the Atlantic. Home of great poets like Ruben Dario and known for cacao, tropical fruits, quesillo, vigoron, chia and coffee.

美味咖啡的4個步驟 | Coffee Roasters Asia

隨著第三波精品咖啡文化盛行(甚至有第四波的興起),咖啡愛好者越來越追求品嘗咖啡豆的原味,手沖咖啡亦因而越見流行。手沖的沖煮工具多種多樣,簡易如法式濾壺,複雜如虹吸式咖啡壺等 ,似是千變萬化,卻也有著萬變不離其宗的原則。

過一個清爽夏日:自製冰滴濾咖啡 | 咖啡烘焙亞洲


預熱 vs 冷卻 - 不可忽視的烘焙步驟