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Diversified Supportive Services

Turn Disability into a Possibility: 4 Tips for You

As a family caregiver, a lot of things will always rest on your shoulders. And at times, certain situations can become overwhelming. But, you will be able to rise above the challenge when you. If you need help in looking after a family member or friend that has developmental disabilities, don’t hesitate to contact Diversified Supportive Services.

Adult Autism Waiver: The Eligibility Requirements

How can the AAW (Adult Autism Waiver) benefit you if you have a loved one diagnosed with autism? The AAW allows for adults with Autism to receive care services while integrated into their homes or living communities. The waiver is a special arrangement for the people in Pennsylvania, which rules that the Medicaid funding intended for institutional care be allotted for the support and services needed by individuals with autism.

Top 3 Advantages of Respite Care

Caring for an adult or raising a child with autism comes with many joys. However, there is no doubt that it can be difficult and, at times, exhausting. Many carers put aside their own physical and mental health, hobbies and interests, partners, and friends to solely focus on the person they are taking care of.

Chapter 6100: Definition, Benefits, and Applicability

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is instituting system-wide changes in the way that autism and intellectual disability services are provided and funded in Pennsylvania.

As one of the leading home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Diversified Supportive Services aims to educate you regarding these new changes, particularly with regards to Chapter 6100.

3 Tips for Communicating with Individuals with Autism

Do you have a family member, classmate, co-worker, or neighbor who is on the autism spectrum? If so, you may find that it can be challenging to communicate with them at times.

If you want to be able to communicate properly with someone on the autism spectrum, the following tips from Diversified Supportive Services, a provider of disability care in Pennsylvania, can help ensure that your conversations go as smoothly as possible.

Tips for Communicating to Adults with Intellectual Disability

Intellectual disabilities (ID) are neurodevelopmental disorders defined by impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning. Also known as mental retardation, it includes adults with below-average IQ and other adaptive behaviors that affect daily activities and communication.

As one of the leading home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we’ll relay tips to effectively communicate to adults with intellectual disabilities.

The Symptoms and Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a range of conditions that affect a person’s behavior and ability to communicate. Most individuals face challenges with their speech and social skills, along with repetitive actions. As a result, many of them take advantage of disability care in Pennsylvania.

Pointers When Assisting Loved Ones with Autism

Everyday chores can be difficult for individuals with autism. Families typically engage the services of home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to provide the necessary assistance to their family members.

Intellectual Disabilities: Ways to Promote Independence

Adults with intellectual disabilities often require support and disability care in Pennsylvania. In most cases, their conditions affect their ability to communicate and perform daily tasks on their own.

Disability Rights: What are Your Loved Ones’ Rights?

People with disabilities often experience discrimination in many aspects of their lives. No matter how much disability care in Pennsylvania they receive from care providers, their families, and their friends, there will be people who cannot understand the situation.