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Things to Know Before You Go Hiking - Take these on a hiking trip

Hiking, though sounds exciting and exhilarating, may mean a lot of preparation. Sometimes it is a tough deal. Hiking, on the other hand, is not everyone's cup of tea. If it is your style, just have a look at the following before you set off.


Buy a backpack

A backpack is the most wanted item for the hiking business. But buying alone won't suffice. You need to run a check if the bag fits you. If it does not fit you, the whole hiking journey will become a mess. So make it a good start by running a thorough check. Check if the shoulder straps would keep the distance between the backpack and you short as much as possible.


Reduce food

You need to have food handy. But extra food means extra weight. So check out on food. And every food may not fit you while hiking. For instance, raw meats may make the journey difficult. It is always better to carry food from different ranges. Since your body perspires a lot, you will have to depend on carbohydrates and protein. That will be a hint when you buy food to pack. And salt too, to keep up with sweating! It is always better to repack food. Most food comes in the unnecessarily heavy package. You can have them wrapped separately to keep extra space and weight for something more necessary. Oatmeal, crackers, raisins and nuts are preferably all right to fit in your backpack.



You are not going to hike all day long. You will definitely need a break, and there will be night dawning. So a tent is necessary. Here again, you need to check. A tent means more weight – a considerable one. You might be tempted to buy a larger one in case of emergency. But check the priorities and go for a tent accordingly. A sleeping bag and a tent with a rain fly will be more than enough for your needs. The best option is to borrow a tent with all its inbuilt features.



Although mentioned in the middle of the list, it is the most prominent thing you should take while hiking. It is what should keep you running. You must, in fact, revere this item of the list. But to carry barrels of water to keep you hydrated is almost impossible and impractical. So you need to check about the shops close by and whether they have water on sale. In most cases, water will be available. But what you cannot be sure of is the quality of the water. You can even check with Bandarawela Hotel, or any other Bandarawela hotels, about the stores close by. It is better if you can take water purification tablets or filters to avoid any health hazards during the journey.



You need to give this a serious thought. It is not a function, so there is no one to judge you. All that you have to consider is your own comfort and nothing else. You are hiking, and hiking requires physical comfort. This said you should always go for comfortable clothing. That should be your hiking dress code.