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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Family Vacation Tips for Your Next Vacation – Surviving with Young Kids
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Family Vacation Tips for Your Next Vacation – Surviving with Young Kids

A family vacation is always full of great expectations and excitement in the planning stage. Once you get there if you are travelling with young children the whole ordeal can be quite overwhelming and frustrating; which is why this article strives to show you how to beat this concept and have fun!


Start by Packing Light

Okay, so you're the mom packing for a family of five! No fun ordeal, especially if you don't have help. So, cut down on the quantity. Pack for the few days you are on vacation and not an eternity; remember kids don't need to have 'everything' to be comfy. For example, if you are travelling to the Middle East, you should know that many luxury hotels in UAE offer a range of amenities, which make you feel right at home, with the likes of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, located across the country, catering to both the bliss of adults and unlimited energy levels of kids.


Book those Airline Tickets Early

Never leave things to the last minute, especially with a family vacation; that is added stress you don't need. Check-out the airline fares and make your bookings early, same goes with your visa application, leave plenty of buffer-time and apply. There are great apps today like Google Flights and Skyscanner for snagging good rates on airfares; plus booking your flights early and securing your visa early means you can go ahead and make that hotel reservation benefiting from those early booking discounts and promotions, most international chain hotels and resorts offer.


Take Along Plenty of Snacks

A long haul flight can be very trying on kids and parents, especially if you have to hang around the airport for a long time. Beat the constant hunger pangs and tantrums, by taking along plenty of snacks, Granola bars, biscuits and even a sandwich pack, will be great to satisfy little tummies while saving you some dollars on buying expensive airport food.


Leave the Phone Aside

Now, this is a tip for all those modern parents, who can't seem to get by without constantly checking Facebook, updating Instagram etc. So, go ahead put down the phone and make your family vacation time really count, avoid wanting to capture and upload every 'cute' or 'awesome' moment your family may be experiencing, keep it private and savour the moment with the ones you love.


Be Humble and Appreciate your Wonderful Life

Family vacation time means, sorting out constant fights over beds, which activities to do and apologising or arguing with other people, waiters etc. Well, the solution is to be 'grateful' for all you have, you cannot control every aspect of the vacation, whether for instance has a mind of its own, you can, however, control your mindset, and choose to appreciate the good parts, be humble and accept that this is your family time and this is how it goes. Make memories instead of wallowing in bitterness!

Enjoy folks!