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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Top Insane Things Built in Dubai – Luxury, Elegance, and Extravagance!
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Top Insane Things Built in Dubai – Luxury, Elegance, and Extravagance!

Dubai does not believe in the mediocre, instead, the very contemporary city, which outdoes the glitz and glamour of even giants like Vegas, is known for its marvellous and outlandish architectural creations, theme parks and even malls; listed below are a few of the best.


Tennis? On a Helipad

Roger Federer and Andre Agassi were treated to a marvellous experience when they visited Dubai. A helipad was transformed into a tennis court; where the duo conducted a match, up in the clouds. It gets even better, when Tiger Woods showed up the court was converted into a driving range – Golf anyone?


The Modern Day Sky Scraper – Burj Khalifa

The world's tallest manmade structure, the Burj Khalifa is 2,722 feet tall. And while you may think it's pretty awesome, there are some, who have created an even more awesome experience, in the form of BASE jumping. The stupefying stunt was carried out – illegally of course, by David McDonnell and Herve Le Gallou in 2011 when they jumped from the 160th floor. But for those of you wanting a more docile experience of the giant tower, there's a lookout platform on the 148th floor. Easy to access from well-located residences in Dubai, this is one attraction worth visiting.


The Amazing Palm Islands Archipelago

The manmade archipelago the Palm Jumeirah is one of Dubai's greatest achievements. The islands fanning out in the shape of a palm are home to many resorts such as Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, as well as eateries and entertainment venues. One of the best places to stay in Dubai, you have easy access to the Dubai Marina as well as other iconic attractions within the city. Plan to stay at a Palm Jumeirah resort for unique experience coupled with traditional Arabic extravagance, class, and comforts; for which Dubai is synonymous. Oh, and by the way, you may want to check out 'The World Islands' which is a collection of manmade islands laid out to look like a map of the world!


A Whole Ski Resort Indoors!

A 278-foot snow covered mountain is located within the indoor ski resort of Dubai. The place is housed within the Mall of Emirates and even boasts an art centre as well as a theatre accommodating 500 patrons. Besides, skiing to your heart's content, you can literally shop till you drop inside the humongous mall.


Camels and Robots who Love to Race

Of course, Dubai would take this age-old Arabic tradition and give it a modern twist. The old-fashioned thrills of camel racing are now conducted with robot riders since the traditional child-riders were banned due to mistreatments of the children. The robots took over, and are capable of driving and whipping the camel, keeping the animal on the course and aiming to win the race.


An Ice Lounge Made of – ICE!

The Chill Out, ice lounge has taken their theme very seriously to offer visitors sweltering under the desert sun, a cool respite to chill out in (-6) degree environments of course, since the place is made from ice! You will be given thermal underwear to don, before entering the lounge in order to prevent hypothermia, rather over-board you may think? Not for Dubai. Besides the lounge serves hot chocolate!