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Updated by Unistar Painting on Feb 17, 2021
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Painting Service Melbourne

Making Your Home Beautiful Inside And Out.

Interior House Painting Service Melbourne | Interior Painters Melbourne

Being an expert in interior house painting service and wall painting in Melbourne, Unistar Painting thrives on years of experience and expertise in producing flawless designer finishes, correct application techniques, advanced knowledge of products and materials and home paint colour-consultation service.

Our house interior painting service at Unistar Painting includes all the essential elements involved to help you get an ideal choice of color for your home and overall theme of design that can make your interior look stunningly beautiful.

Tips for Interior House Painting in Melbourne

Summer is probably the best time for renovating both the interior and exterior painting of a home as this is when most people in Australia are on holiday. Whether you hire home painters to get the job done or you do it yourself, giving your home a new coat of paint can provide a great sense of achievement.

4 Effective Ways of House Painting You Must Know

Unistar Painting provides quality and affordable house painting services in Melbourne. Call us today at 0430 210 560 for a free quotation.

Interior House Painting Tips | House Interior Painting Melbourne

Interior painting of your home can be an excellent way to breathe new life into the space and ensure it looks clean, fashionable and in line with your architectural style and decoration – no matter how old the home. Here Unistar Painting has compiled a list of some of the interior house painting tips and techniques that we follow whenever we’re on a project in Melbourne.

Exterior house painting melbourne | Melbourne Exterior Painter | UNISTAR

Your exterior is the only thing that puts a vast impression on the visitors when they first walk into your house. But if the Exterior doesn’t have that glow in it, the impression might get ruined. So, the question arises how can you get that look in your exterior? The answer is rather simple. A nice and furnished exterior house painting service is more than enough to get back that lost glow in the exteriors and no one is better than UNISTAR PAINTING in providing it in the Suburbs of Melbourne

Commercial Painting Service | Commercial Painters Melbourne

Commercial painting service at Unistar Painting has the perfect painting solution for any type of interior and exterior painting – be it a small unit or a big commercial complex.

Unistar Paintingis vastly experienced in the application of protective coatings which are highly resistant to the external elements and can endure high heat, yet still provide an aesthetically-rich look.

House Painting Services Melbourne | Professional Painters

Unistar Painting provides a top-notch house painting services in Melbourne. Being one of the most veteran interior painters Melbourne, we know that house painting is not an everyday-event. Whole lot of preparation needs to be taken beforehand to assure your project goes smoothly and according to your expectations. We do this through a process of communication and expertise with precision. Unistar Painting in Melbourne can carry out the best possible painting experience with you.

Perfect Time to Repaint Your House

Thus, if you think you need a change from the faded to afresh (paints), go ahead and call Unistar Painting, one of the most professional painters in Melbourne. We will not only repaint your house anew but also provide refreshment to your mind.

Exterior Painting Melbourne: 10 Things to Remember

What time of the year are you planning to do the painting? The exterior is exposed to the elements of nature: humidity, wind, sunlight. Paint will dry better and faster in sunny conditions but can appear faded and blistered on some parts. To most exterior house painter Melbourne, the ideal weather for painting is mild sunshine like in the start of summer when the sun is not too hot. The paint dries out fairly fast in this weather while maintaining an even sheen.

5 Tips To Choose Right Commercial Painter

Like any professional painters, good commercial painters are highly skilled and experts in their field, however not all painters are created equal. That’s why Unistar Painting shares 5 best tips before you engage a commercial painting contractor in Melbourne.

4 Tips to Refresh Your Bedroom from Professional Painting Services

As the days get shorter and the temperature cooler, you may start looking for professional painting services in Melbourne to redecorate your bedroom interior. Maybe your minimalist interior painting of bedroom just doesn’t feel right for the winter months, or the chilly weather has inspired you to try something a little darker.

Professional House Painters Melbourne | Melbourne House Painters

Holidays are the perfect time when you do so much for you and your family. Why not this holiday give your house a perfect makeover? Whether you hire professional house painters in Melbourne to get the job done or you do it by yourself, giving your home a new tinge of paint can provide a great sense of satisfaction.

Summer is the best time for renovating both the interior and exterior painting of a home. It’s also when house painters in Melbourne and surrounds get a lot of bookings for paint jobs. If you’re looking for residential painters in Melbourne over the summer period, book in early to avoid disappointment.

How to Make Interior Painting Last Longer | Unistar Painting

As renowned Interior Home Painters in Melbourne, Unistar Painting service pride themselves to provide a perfect professional service. They provide many services like Residential painting, Commercial painting, Industrial painting, roof painting, Office painting and many other decorative services. We are your one stop painting service in Melbourne. We understand the value of your property so contact us for a high-quality painting service.

How To Extend The Life Of Exterior House Painting

Every homeowner wants their home or their apartment to look as nice as possible, and most people would agree that the process begins with a fresh coat of exterior house painting. There is no denying the fact that paint can and almost always does make a massive difference as far as aesthetics is concerned.

Why Roof Inspection Is Essential Before Interior Painting

Whenever you are up to carry out an Interior painting by professional interior painters in Melbourne, it is important that your roof is in good condition. After all, missing or broken tiles could lead to significant damage to your home. Minor damage to your roof can be fixed relatively easily, but if they are left unnoticed, you will be likely to need costly repairs later on. Besides, all these will also hamper a good interior paint job.

Sponge Effect on Interior Painting in Home

Sponge effects on interior painting are beginner-friendly and carry a low risk of failure, because they’re so forgiving. If one part of the wall turns out too light, for example, all you’ll need to do is go back and sponge another layer of darker paint over it. And before you commit to a colour scheme, it pays to use a colour picker tool. You’ll be able to see how your favourite paint performs in the context of a room, ahead of time.

House Repainting Services in Melbourne | Wall Painting - Unistar Painting

This makes them spend less money on hiring professionals and often coming up with quick solutions rather than waiting for an appointment or comparing quotes from professionals. Well, to a certain extent, this is something convenient for people but only for a limited number of tasks. People intend to take up gardening, carpentry, house cleaning, etc. as a responsibility but what about major tasks like house repainting services, roof repair or wall painting that requires expertise and a lot of effort?

Why House Repainting Service Is a Must Before Selling Your House

If you really want your home to sell, it isdefinitely worth the extra time and money to repaint it.Next is which colours are you going to use to sell your home? You should go for a house repainting service before selling if your house is in need of a new coat or seems run down. But only if you want it to go for a good price.