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CRM BPM Software-Solastis

Solastis solutions is a software-based company which provides the best CRM and BPM software for every business by using the right technologies and best industry practices. Contact us..

CRM Assignment Rules - Solastis

Cases in the CRM needs to be assigned to agents. Solastis offers a nice feature of task assignment rules to assign tasks to CRM agent automatically.

Solastis CRM with a centralized mailbox for clear communication | CRM + BPM Software Platform | Solastis

Solastis CRM with a centralized mailbox can monitor and manage all your email interactions at one place. You gain instant clarity when you manage all your communication with CRM like Solastis.

Manage multiple business processes with Solastis- Solastis

When you implement a CRM solution to manage multiple business processes in your organization, it should provide you with a versatile tool to create multiple case types or ticket types, so you manage each process optimally.

CRM with Simple configuration - Solastis

Solastis provides CRM with a simple configuration. It is simple to configure and does not involve any complex programming. Contact us now for extra information.

Managing Customer Expectations: The Use of Effective CRM Platforms - Solastis

Make customer relationship management easy. Learn some easy tips for meeting customer expectations and improving customer experience with CRM.

Why is using the CRM system important? - Solastis

CRM systems have become the need of the hour for any organization to thrive in the market today. Its significant benefits have made its implementation impossible to ignore.

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Looking for a CRM software for Malaysia business ? Solastis a Singapore head quartered company provides a cloud based professional grade CRM software. CRM solution Malaysia, CRM software Malaysia, CRM System Malaysia, CRM tool Malaysia, BPM Software Malaysia, BPM tool Malaysia, BPM System Malaysia, Online CRM Malaysia, Web based CRM Malaysia

CRM System for Australia - Solastis

Solastis CRM is a powerful CRM + BPM tool. You can use it as a digital workplace. Solastis is a right CRM System for Australia businesses.

How does CRM software work? - Solastis

CRM software is easy to use. Every employee in your organization can be invited to sign in to the CRM system. If you or your employees are worried about migrating all the existing or previous communication threads, don’t fret, because you can integrate your current email with the CRM. A good CRM software is designed to simplify work, and it should ideally work with any email service provider. So, it would be best if you did not waste time by juggling between your email and CRM. With a few clicks, you should be able to extract all old and new interactions and access them from the CRM. The email client within the CRM should be competent to manage all your communication.

How to Improve Business Processes Using a CRM / BPM Software - Solastis

A good CRM can be used to review business processes and make improvement in it periodically. In this article learn how you can use Solastis CRM for improving business processes.

No Code / No Workflow BPM Software - Solastis

Small businesses often do not need to get entangled into the complexity of workflow. Solastis offers a No workflow BPM software. Forget the complexity now. Implement your business processes with confidence.

CRM for Very Small Business - Solastis

Solastis offers a CRM for very small business. In this case study you will see how an entrepreneur benefited from implementing a CRM system when his operations were very small.

Solastis is Optimal Online CRM

Online CRM like Solastis aims to simplify your work and increase your efficiency. You can manage all your business processes on a cloud-based platform without the need for maintenance or an in-house IT team with Solastis online CRM.

A Simple Guide to Sales Management - Solastis

Sales management is meant to optimize your strategy and workforce to meet your sales targets. A well-groomed sales team is essential for your organization’s growth.

Small Business Management Software - Solastis

Solastis offers a small business management software, using which you can supercharge daily business activities. Read in this article typical problems of small businesses and how Solastis can help.

The Difference between Marketing Automation and CRM - Solastis

While both are effective tools, there are distinct differences between marketing automation and CRM. Learn what they are

CRM for Team Management - Solastis

Make your teams more productive by bringing them together through collaborative CRM for Team Management. Simplify teamwork and increase efficiency without any communication barriers.

CRM Project Management - Solastis

If you are looking for CRM project management software to your organization, So you are the right place. You can exponentially increase your company's efficiency and workflow by using SolastisCRM.

CRM for internal work management - Solastis

Find out how you can use CRM for internal work with Solastis. Create a separate case type or ticket type to manage your internal and customer-facing processes efficiently with Solastis CRM.

Compliance management CRM-Solastis

You can implement Solastis CRM as a cost-effective tool that can manage all your processes while keeping them compliance-friendly with its compliance management CRM features.

CRM System for United Kingdom - Solastis

Solastis CRM is a powerful CRM + BPM tool. It is multi-lingual, easy to understand and follow. Solastis is a right CRM System for United Kingdom businesses.

Dynamic Case Management Software-Solastis

Do you manage long duration cases? Then use Solastis dynamic case management software. Manage your work with increased efficiency and consistency.

CRM with Data Capture at Task - Solastis

Our system allows to create a customized questions for CRM data capture at task level. Relevant information can also be collected through these questions. The user will need to answer the questionnaire before moving to next task.

Business features requested in CRM - Solastis

Solastis did a review of CRM requested features. This page summarises our findings. In general organisations are interested in sophasticated and scalable CRM systems.

CRM Implementation Services - Solastis

Solastis offers CRM Implementation Services to customers. This helps them ensure that the configuration is done correctly and as intended. Our Services focus on helping to customers achieve success with your CRM solution.