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These are resources for developing skills as a director!

Attention, Filmmakers: Here’s 12 Tips for Directing Your First Feature Film

Attention, Filmmakers: Here's 12 Tips for Directing Your First Feature Film

This is a blog post for filmmakers to have 12 tips to develop their direction.

Why I chose it: This website has 12 great tips for directors just starting out, or just those that are brushing up on their skills. It is for screen directing, but they're are still great tips that can be applied to the theatre.

How to Direct a Play | A Guide to Directing your First Play

How to direct a play. A step by step guide on how to direct your first play. Directing tips and tricks to nail your first theatre production.

This is a blog post of how to direct your first play

Why I chose it: I like this step by step way of starting the directing process. It gives a lot of important insight into the audience and how that should effect the direction. This will be helpful in the classroom for students to understand why directors do what they do.

Tips for Directors: Help for the First-Time Director

This is a newsletter that has tips for directors working on their first time direction.

I chose this newsletter because I think it is a very clean, easy to understand list of things for a director to keep in mind. Directing can be overwhelming, especially for students, and this list is full of ways to keep on track and idea of where to go next.

Stage Directing: Three Ideas on Theatrical Stage Dynamics, Part I

If you’re new to stage directing, there are some basic A-B-Cs of stage dynamics of which you should be aware. These dynamics, if used properly, will serve you greatly in staging a production. They did not substitute for the work you’ll do with actors and other creative people, the physical precision

This is an article about using the stage for movement and effective directing.

Why I chose it: I love this article because it is all about developing movement on the stage, something that is key in directing. I want my students to break from typical "walk over there" direction and into something more artistic. This is a great source for that.

How To Design Your Own Mood Board If You're Not a Designer | Step by Step Easy Tutorial Using Canva

In this tutorial, I'll show you guys an easy (+ free!) way to make a mood board for any of your creative projects using Canva. Links below! ▸ Canva | http://...

This is a youtube video about creating a mood board using canva.

Why I chose it: I chose this video because I think creating a mood board can be daunting to new directors in the classroom. Mood boards can be a confusing idea, but this video explains how to design a mood board. It isn't specifically for theatre, but I think it gives a good base idea for creating mood boards for a vision.

Directing Actors - What Makes a Good Theater Director?

What makes a Good Theater Director? As per your messages and suggestions, I thought you may be interested in the acting world. So here I tackle the topic wha...

This is a youtube video of a real life director explaining what makes a good director.

Why I chose it: This is a useful video for students to hear about directing from an actual director. There is a bit of language, so it may not be appropriate at every level. But, this is a practical way of thinking of directing.

7 tips to remember before directing your first play

Professional, nonprofessional, educational, recreational. Doesn’t matter. Directing is not easy. The director is the leader, the visionary, and the person that gets blamed if the final product is g…

This is an article that emphasizes director's vision in 7 tips to remember before directing.

Why I chose it: I really like this source because of the emphasis it puts on the process of direction. Students need to know that this isn't an easy process, but it is simple if you have your vision in place. I think this is a very useful source for that.

10 best theatre podcasts to listen to in 2017

The audience for podcasts is huge, with some of the most successful series reaching a bigger audience than many traditional radio broadcasts.

This is a list of the best theatre podcasts

Why I chose it: These are useful resources because the best way to become more versed in theatre is to ingest theatre. Students in my classroom need to be intaking theatre and the jargon, not just spewing it out. It is important that they are learning from not only me, but the theatre community.

For Directors - The Producer's Perspective - Broadway Theater Podcasts for Directors | The Producer's Perspective

This is a podcast about the ins and outs of directing.

Why I chose it: This podcast is incredibly helpful because of its emphasis on directing. There is so much that goes into theatrical directing at the professional level, and this will give students a sense of the real world application.

Directing Exercises | Directing Exercises and Games for Actors

Some easy directing exercises to unlock scenes. Get the most out of your actors using these directing exercises. Step by step guide to working with actors.

This is an article about some exercises/games to work with your cast as a director.

Why I chose it: These games are important to helping student directors create a bond with the cast. Their actors need to know that it is a safe space for creating and that they can trust their directors. Plus its just fun!