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Bohomamma is an online magazine for women writing about society and culture; politics; media and advertising; technology; and, lifestyle. 2012 Honoree in Lifestyle Websites. (A few of our favorite 'Featured' articles).


Every Urgent Thing Fights for Our Attention: Time Management for Jedi's

Learning to manage anything; time, relationships, business...we have to understand the concept of Tao, ‘the way or the principle’ of life is both the “source and the driving force” behind everything." To get ahead, we need to be the driving force.

Grandfathers, Workers and the Ghosts of the Ones We Love | Bohomamma

Feature: "My grandfather would say, “My girls can do anything,” and we were all his girls, even if my mom didn’t always feel as close to him as she wanted. I think divorce is hard on children and my mom got hit with a bit of that. He had three daughters from the first marriage; two by the second; and, two boys for good measure.
We’re strong women. We work hard. We get it done. Those women gave me that gift and my grandfather had a hand."

The Evolution Toward Headless Porn

“But I believe that porn works against my interests as a woman; and, all of my roles in life unfold from my being a woman.”

“You could smell the women’s movement building at that point, I could feel it in my wife.” | BohoMamma

Image Credit: “The masculinization of the American woman”, Esquire Magazine, 1965. Featuring, Virna Lisi, Italian Award Winning Actor

Events Like Newtown Change People Like Me

"After Newtown, I am proud to call myself a feminist. I like the posse."

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BohoMamma is an online lifestyle magazine for women supporting creative and female empowerment. An Honoree in lifestyle websites by the 2012 Webby Awards.

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"Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of...

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A modern online magazine for women, writing about society, culture, women's politics, parenting and style. Honoree, Lifestyle websites/16th Annual Webby Awards

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An online magazine for women, writing about society, culture, women's politics, parenting, and style.

Honoree in Lifestyle websites by the 16th Annual Webby Awards.

Tools to Encourage a Love of Learning

Excerpt: Where do helpless students get the notion that intelligence is fixed?

In Other News: The Meteorites Attacking Russia Remind Us of Chicken Little | Bohomamma

Excerpt: "In an article by the NPR (see below) Bill Chapel wrote, “That means that before it shattered windows in the city of Chelyabinsk and turned people around the world into gawkers fascinated by a calamity — and by the amazing video footage of it — the meteor spent billions of years traveling through space.”

Local Notes: Patti Smith Narrates Tubby the Tuba at Lincoln Center

Patti Smith narrates Tubby the Tuba for the Little Orchestra Society at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center.