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Bhai Sahab

Bhai Sahab

Trying Indian Cuisine

There are a lot of delicious cuisine restaurants that you can try to make you discover the hidden gems of the world. One of the most celebrated foods is from Indian cuisine, which includes kebabs and tandoori chicken.

History in the Making: The Indian Cuisine

The country of India is considered to be one of the most populated countries in the world. With its population, culture becomes very diverse, too. There are a lot of dialects and practices that affect the lifestyle of the Indians. Because of this diversity, Indian cuisine is also very vast because of the differences in religion and their other beliefs.

Indian Cuisine Overload!

As time progresses, the Indian cuisine incorporated other cultures from the western countries. But Indians are trying to preserve their culture not only through their traditions but through their own foods. Here are what makes Indian food different:

Little India in Bhai Sahab

There are a lot of Indian restaurants in Leesburg, Virginia to choose from. However, here at Bhai Sahab, we offer so much more than the food and aesthetics of the place. Here are some reasons why you should dine with us:

The Comfort in Indian Food!

A lot of comfort foods are enjoyed by people. May it be Chinese, Japanese, and even Indian cuisine. There are also plenty of food choices offered in different restaurants that are available in the vicinity. But one well-loved cuisine is the Indian foods and here are some reasons why people are head over heels of it:

Seeking the Best Among the Rest

There are a lot of Indian restaurants in Leesburg, Virginia that people can visit to be able to get to know India a little bit by taste. However, you tend to get confused about which restaurant you will go since everything in their menu looks delicious. Bhai Sahab is one of the many stores you can choose to suffice your Indian food cravings. Here are some reasons why choose us among the rest?

5 Reasons Why Indian Food Is Actually Good for You

We’ve all heard the stories. Many people say that while Indian cuisine is delicious, it can easily leave you bloated, sick, or susceptible to one disease or another. But all these things apply to every other type of cuisine in the world. Most of the time, it’s a matter of taste and food tolerance.

If You Believe These 5 Things, You Don’t Know Indian Food

Indian cuisine gets a bad rap from stereotypes and “bad experiences” at subpar food places. This is quite disheartening because a lot of people end up missing out on some of its best dishes because of these popular urban myths.

A Glimpse of the Past of Indian Curry

When people mention Indian food, one of the first things that often comes to mind is curry. But, have you ever wondered where this well-loved piece of Indian cuisine originated from?

Learn More About the Delicious and Nutritious Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the spices that give curry, a popular Indian food in Virginia and other areas, its yellowish hue. It has been used in India not only as a spice but also as a medicinal herb.

Spice-Tacular Reasons Why You Should Eat Indian Food

Don’t you just love that taste of spices dancing on your tongue, the smell of the delicious Indian curry, and the sight of that vibrant yellow rice biryani? You’re not alone! If you’re an enthusiast of Indian cuisine, we have some good news for you! We have found a way to justify all your delicious cravings. You can now enjoy eating without guilt because INDIAN FOOD IS HEALTHY.

What to Eat? A Guide to Starting Your Indian Food Trip

Have you ever experienced walking by an Indian restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia, and suddenly, your nose has a mind of its own? With the scent of that delicious chicken curry, your stomach grumbles as though it hasn’t been filled for several hours. You tell yourself you’re not hungry but then you find yourself walking inside Bhai Sahab. You look at the menu but you don’t recognize anything. What do you order?

Dishes to Pair with Naan Bread

The Indian Naan Bread is one of the most popular flatbreads around the world. People have come to love it because it is delicious and quite easy to make. With that in mind, here are some dishes you can try pairing with Naan bread:

The Health Benefits of Lassi

Lassi is a popular traditional drink that originated in India. It is made of yogurt, cream, and spices. Apart from it being an excellent thirst-quencher in Indian cuisine, it has also several benefits you might not have heard about, such as:

Basmati Rice and Its Healthy Benefits

What is basmati rice? Basmati in Hindi actually means “aromatic” and that’s how basmati rice got its name. With its aromatic smell, many times it has enticed people’s noses and appetites. It is one of the most well-loved rice in India and is commonly served everywhere from streets to fancy restaurants. Basmati is a popular rice partnered in various food in Indian cuisine. Its aromatic flavor and delicious taste have caught the taste buds of many people around the world.

Dining Etiquette 101: The Proper Way to Eat Indian Food

Dining in an Indian restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia is a good start to introducing yourself to Indian food and culture. But before immersing oneself in another culture, one must always taste the food first. Why? Tasting the food gives you a glimpse of how colorful and vibrant a specific culture is.

What Makes Indian Food So Unique?

When we talk about food combinations, what usually comes to your mind? Some might say food and wine or cheeseburger and a can of soda. But have you tried Indian cuisine? You might wonder how it tastes so good. Well, we will tell you how Indian food is so unique. Here are some things you should know about Indian foods:

The Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. It is commonly used in Southeast Asian countries and a very famous ingredient in Indian cuisine. Lately, turmeric has been touted as a super food that can fight many diseases. Here is a list of what turmeric can do for your health:

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Good Indian Food

Have you ever wondered why Indian food is so good? Over the years, indian cuisine has been making a scene in foreign markets. No doubt because of the aromatic spices and appetizing recipes that are a golden ticket to paradise. For aspiring chefs and home cooks, Indian food might be a challenging dish with its unique ingredients. However, the finishing product is always worth devouring.

Why Vegans Are Better off with Indian Food

When it comes to a limitless variety of dishes, indian cuisine is unmatched. Every nook and cranny of India have developed their unique dishes, thus the countless type of cuisines.

With the notoriety of the vegan diet, trust Indian food to also have their take on it. Being vegetarian is a norm in India. Their prevalent religions caused most of them to turn down meat, fish, and eggs.

A History Primer for (Indian) Curry

The dish known as curry has been a long-reigning worldwide phenomenon. From Japan to Thailand, to England, and now East Coast United States.