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Online Learning Science

In this part, we discuss different topics related to chemistry, physics in science for school college level education


Learning Chemistry - Best Free Online Course Platforms

Learning chemistry best free online learning platforms of physical, organic, inorganic and environmental study for high school or college science education

Van der Waals Equation - Derivation, Formula, Units - Chemistry

Van der Waals equation for real gases derivation and formula, volume and pressure correction factor, unit of VDW constant, compressibility factor

Water Pollution - Causes, Definition, Types, Effects, Solutions

Water pollution causes, definition, types, effects, solutions, examples of industrial sources, toxic waste, fertilizer, oil, thermal, groundwater pollution

Atom - Structure, Definition, Theory, Examples, Diagram

Atom, the smallest unit or basic building block of substances or matter divided into charged particles (electron, proton, neutron) in chemistry or physics

Chemistry - Definition, Basic Study, Topics, Facts - Science

Chemistry is the part of science deals with the properties composition and structure of matter (chemical substance, element, atom) and interacts with energy

Acids Definition, Properties, Theory, Examples - Chemistry

Acids, the examples of substances that form hydrogen ion (H+) in water or aqueous solution, change red litmus paper to blue, reacts with bases to form salts

Chemical Reaction - Definition, Topics & Examples - Chemistry

Chemical reaction, the process which transforms one or more substances (reactants molecules or compounds) to different types of products by rearrangement

Gas Laws - Definition, Facts, Formulas, Examples - Chemistry

Gas laws in chemistry or physics identify the behavior of different gases by the general facts and common relation between pressure, volume, temperate

Heat Energy - Definition, Examples, Formula, Equation

Heat energy is the form of energy that can be transferred from a higher temperature body to a lower or heat flow increases temperature of the colder body

Hydrocarbon - Definition, Topics, & Facts - Learning Chemistry

Hydrocarbon, organic chemical compound form by bonding hydrogen and carbon atoms in chemistry found in natural gas, coal, petroleum uses as a source energy

Properties - Physical & Chemical - Learning Chemistry

Properties, physical and chemical property are considered as a key to understanding chemical elements (atom, molecule), substances present in our earth

Redox - Definition Topics & Facts - Learning Chemistry

Redox, a part of chemistry where we learning different types of oxidation reduction reaction by transfer electrons between two chemical species (atom, ion)

Solid - Definition, Topics & Facts - Learning Chemistry

Solid, the states of matter characterized by their high density and low compressibility compared with liquid, gas, and plasma phase of matter or substances

Substance - Definition, Topics, & Facts - Learning Chemistry

The chemical substance is the form of the solid, gaseous, liquid, or plasma form of matter having a definite chemical composition and properties

Environment - Definition, Topics, Facts - Learning Chemistry

Environment, the place of our universe where presents different physical, chemical, living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) factors or ecological community

Nuclear Chemistry - Definition, Topics & Facts - Learning Chemistry

Nuclear chemistry or physics, the part of physics or chemistry in science deals with radioactivity, artificial and natural nuclear transformation reactions

Viscosity of liquids - Definition, Formula, Effect, Examples, Units

Viscosity of liquids definition, formula, examples, effect Viscosity coefficient unit dimension, laminar, turbulent types of fluid flow in chemistry

Soil Pollution - Definition, Sources, Causes, Effects, Prevention

Soil pollution or contamination sources, prevention, effects of acid rain or fertilizer on soil acidity, drainage system, pesticides, herbicides on soil

Renewable Energy - Sources, Definition, Types, Examples, Facts

Renewable or alternative energy sources, definition, types, facts, examples, uses of hydroelectric power, wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy source

Electrolysis - Definition, Formula, Examples, Applications

Electrolysis definition, examples, formula of Faraday's electricity law, applications of electrolysis process for extraction, purification in chemistry

Electrode - Electrochemical Cells - Types, Definition, Uses

Electrode or electronic conductor types, definition, examples uses of electrodes in primary, secondary electrochemical cells in electrochemistry

Nuclear Fission - Process, Definition, History, Uses, Examples

Nuclear fission definition, history, examples in nucluear reactor, atomic bomb, uses of fission of heavy nucleus and fusion reaction in chemistry

Spectroscopy | Definition, Topics, & Facts

Spectroscopy in chemistry or physics is the learning of emission or absorption radiations from matter when dispersed through the suitable prism

Chemistry Quiz 1 - Questions Answers - Online Quizzes

Chemistry Quiz 1 questions answers for high school or college online quizzes contain 10 multiple choice or MCQ for general chemistry practice tests

Chemistry Quiz 2 - Practice Test - Questions Answers

Chemistry Quiz 2 practice test questions answers contain 10 multiple choice or MCQ for students in acid bases, Slater's rule for shielding electron