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Top MI gadgets ,smartphone

MI is the number one India smartphone company MI is mainly known for its mobile phones but I'm I can also build many electronic things we can provide all the details of mi gadgets MI smartphones and MI service centre


Redmi y3 review

Xiaomi MI launched redmi Y3 in India. This phone is specially made for youth who love to take a selfie every minute and every hour and upload in social networking

What is the price of MI backpack?

Xiaomi recently launched MI travel backpack globally. The best part of this travel backpack is it comes with a very glossy look

What is the price of MI air purifier 2s?

Xiaomi recently launched MI air purifier globally. The air is the most important thing to live life in today world there is a lot of pollution all around us and poisonous gases are mixed in the air which can cause us many diseases

What is the price of MI Max 3?

xiaomi recently launched MI Max 3 (globally) all around the world. MI Max 3 come with octa-core Snapdragon 636 processor

Redmi 7 price in india.

Xiaomi recently launched redmi 7 globally in our world. Redmi 7 is the updated version of Redmi 6. Redmi 7 spotted Snapdragon 632 Qualcomm octa-core processor which is a very good processor for a low budget smartphone.

Xiaomi Ihealth BP3L smartblood pressure monitor

Xiaomi recently launched IHealth BP3L smart wireless blood pressure monitor (globally) all over the world. The price of Xiaomi Ihealth BP3L smart wireless blood pressure monitor is 3,500 rupees only.

Redmi GO review

Xiaomi MI recently launched MI Go in India. MI Go is the best budget smartphone in India at the lowest price. The price of MI GO in India is 4,499 rupees only

What is the price of MI 9 in India?

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What is the price of Redmi node 7 pro in India?

Xiaomi Redmi MI recently launched Redmi 7 series we already review Xiaomi MI Redmi 7 you can check it. Today we discuss the upcoming and best mobile phone of Xiaomi MI Redmi series Xiaomi MI redmi Note 7 Pro. The rear camera of xiaomi MI redmi Note 7 Pro 48MP and 5MP for depth sense.

Redmi Node 6 Pro vs Redmi Node 5 Pro

Xiaomi MI Redmi recently launched Redmi node 6 Pro in India it is also known as Redmi note 5 Pro successor. In this article, we can compare Redmi Note 6 Pro and Redmi Note 5 Pro with each other and see the difference.

What is the price of Redmi 6a in India?

Xiaomi recently launched his Redmi 6 Series. Today we discuss the budget phone of Redmi 6 Series Redmi 6a. The price of Redmi 6a is 5999 rupees only. It is the upgraded version of Redmi 5A. Redmi 6a come with white data cable, sim tray and a travel charger 5 volt 1 ampere is also given inside the box of Redmi 6a.

What is the price of Poco F1 in India?

The new brand is available in the market the name of the brand is Poco F1 which is also the part of Xiaomi. Poco mainly made premium smartphones. Poco F1 come with Snapdragon 845 which is the cheapest and best at the low price in India

Is Xiaomi MI band 3 waterproof?

Xiaomi is the fastest growing brand in all over the world. Xiaomi is mainly known for his mobile phones but xiaomi can also build many other electronic things

What is the price of Redmi Note 7 in India?

Redmi Note 7 comes with standard look phone case which seems transparent also available in Redmi Note 7 box. Redmi Note 7 comes with USB C cable in white color which is very good in low price smartphone.

What is the price of MI suitcase in India?

Xiaomi company can also the investment in many other companies. Xiaomi company recently launched his MI suitcase in India.MI suitcase 24 is available in two sides 20-inch variant and 24 inch variant in India.

What is the price of MI Mix 3 in India?

Xiaomi MI mix 3 is the first xiaomi smartphone that comes with wireless mobile charging.
Xiaomi MI mix 3 wireless charger is of 18 volts which mean it's spotted fast charging.
Xiaomi MI mix 3 is very good in looking. Xiaomi MI mix 3 come with Islamic design

How do I connect to my MI router?

MI router 3C is very slim and lightweight. Read the user manual carefully before using the MI router 3C.
The QR code is given inside the box when you scan the QR code you can download the application on your mobile phone.

How do I pair my Amazfit Bip?

Xiaomi latest launching product MI amazfit smartwatch. the price of MI amazfit smartwatch is 14,500 approx but recently MI amazfit smartwatch is given under 11000 to 12000 during pre-booking. Today we discuss the feature and performance of MI amazfit smartwatch.

How to connect MI home security camera 360 with mobile

If you want to buy up budget security camera then MI security camera 360 is the best option. Xiaomi can also build MI security camera. MI security camera 360 can record video up to 1080p

How do you reset a Bluetooth Speaker

MI Bluetooth speaker basic 2. The price of MI Bluetooth speaker is 1,799 rupees. Xiaomi can build many electronic products.

What is the price of MI smart shoes in India

MI smart shoes. It is shocking to listen that MI company build shoes but in reality it is true it is hard to believe but it is true. MI company can build many products which many people don't know

How can I connect my phone to MI 4a TV

Xiaomi recently launched product MI LED TV 4A 32 inch. The price of Xiaomi MI LED TV 4A 32 inch is 13,999 Rupees. It is exclusively available in or or in MI application.

How to get free MI franchise in nearby places?

Friends if you want to open an MI franchise in your nearby places then there is a piece of good news for you. xiaomi want to open 5000 MI store in all over India

How can I track my lost MI mobile?
  1. Go to the MI cloud website and log in your MI id.

  2. Now click on find my device.

  3. Now you can see the approximate location of your mobile phone on the Google map.

What is the price of MI 8 Lite?

MI 8 lite is the best ever phone launched by MI. The phone comes with great features. MI 8 lite mobile comes with 8.1 Oreo version of Android. Xiaomi MI 8 lite comes into variant 4GB ram with 128 GB internal storage and 6gb ram with 256 GB internal storage

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