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Micro-Cure Therapy Customized To Your Unique Skin

Micro-Cure Therapy is an excellent treatment provided exclusively at Dermamode Laser which offers direct control over your skin’s aging process by penetrating through the epidermis, dermis and muscle groups.


Wrinkle Prevention Methods That Really Work

Understanding the unique chemistry of our skin, and what factors can negatively impact our skin is the first step to combating wrinkles and fine lines. If you are developing wrinkles or are looking for more information on preventative measures. Consider consulting with a Dysport expert in Montreal who can provide you with a wealth of skin care information!

Laser Hair Removal 101

The laser hair removal treatment is a multistep process- not a “one and done” procedure. The number of sessions it will take to reach optimal hair removal results will heavily depend on the unique chemistry of your body and the recommendations of your skin care specialist.

How to Prevent and Cure the Appearance of Age Spots

Once age spots are confirmed, the patient must find a clinic in Montreal with a proven track record, many years’ experience and hundreds of happy customers. Laser treatment is an industry proven methods to reduce and eliminate the effects of age spots. Dual wavelength lasers can provide treatment to a larger area while achieving amazing results with great speed.

Lip Filler Basics: Comparing The Different Types Of Lip Injections

Hyaluronic acid fillers are one of the most popular and used substances in lip injections. Like the other injectable, there are several versions in use. These include Elevess, Captique, and Hylaform. A striking benefit of Hyaluronic acid fillers is its flexibility and malleability.

GentleMax Pro™ - Age Spots or Sun Spots Treatments

At Dermamode, we help you get rid of Age Spots or Sun Spots with our expertise enhanced by advanced laser technology. The latest laser technology, GentleMax Pro®, removes your skin of sun and age spots.

What Is Cellulite And What Are The Most Effective Ways To Treat It

Cellulite is the condition of the skin where lumps and dimples form. Cellulite is common in both men and women but it is more common with women.The best cellulite machine in Montreal is located at Dermamode. They have a machine called the Syneron’s Velashape. This has several techniques to get the best results.

The Benefits & Expected Results of Botox

Montreal are exploring early use and realizing the power of prevention. It is true that there is controversy around using Botulinum toxin (Botox). Many dermatologists recommend the botulinum toxin by having the procedure repeatedly to keep a young face forever.

Before and After Your Treatments at Dermamode

Dermamode offers a safe treatment with great results. Learn the Before and After side stories, things to remember and things to avoid regarding Laser treatment and ask other skin care related question at Dermamode.

Guide to Preparing for Your Laser Hair Removal Session

Tired of shaving, waxing and tweezing? If yes, your best solution is laser hair removal. Nothing compares to this state of the art technology – it’s long-lasting, it’s not painful and it’s suitable for every area of your body. For best results, however, you will have to do a little prep work in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Why Is Botox Used For Lip Injections?

The botox lip flip injection is the most common cosmetic procedure if you want to make your lips larger. The easiest method to get larger lips is to go to a specialized dermatology clinic in order to get the right treatment. A good dermatology clinic will have qualified, experienced staff that will help you get the right results with minimal risks.

  • We understand that growing old has its own cons. You might start noticing fine lines, wrinkles or you just might not like the way your lips look. Contact Dermamode for lip enhancement and dysport in Montreal. We are one of the renowned aesthetics clinics in the area. We offer full aesthetic treatments including laser hair removal, skin tightening, teeth whitening, scar removal and much more.

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