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SKINATION Clinic has become the most trusted skincare clinic in Delhi given to its world class dermatology treatments & highly professional & amiable dermatologists

SKINATION Clinic has become the most trusted skincare clinic in Delhi given to its world class dermatology treatments & highly professional & amiable dermatologists

About Clinic - SKINATION Clinic

SKINATION Clinic has become the most trusted skincare clinic in Delhi given to its world class dermatology treatments and highly professional and amiable dermatologists. The clinic provides skin & hair diseases treatments, dermato surgical procedures and advanced antiageing & cosmetic services.

Laser Hair Reduction - SKINATION Clinic

Laser Hair Removal treatment is one of the preferable cosmetic procedures. During laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which prevents future hair growth. It is most effective for people who have dark hair and light skin. Dermatologists remove unwanted body and facial hair safely and more efficiently by using laser treatment. Dermatologists remove unwanted body and facial hair safely and more efficiently by using laser treatment.

Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment in New Delhi, Acne Scars

Acne Scars form at the site of an injury. These are the visible reminders of injury and tissue repair. In the case of acne, the injury is caused by the body’s inflammatory response to sebum

Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP Treatment for Hair Growth in Delhi

The treatment is great for all male and females who have hair loss. It is also the best non-surgical alternative to a Hair Transplant. The treatment is especially advantageous for those in the early stages of thinning hair who still possess some active hair follicles. Platelet Rich Plasma is the best non-surgical alternative to a Hair Transplant.

Stem Cell Therapy - SKINATION Clinic

Stem cell therapies are a type of cell therapy in which the cells used are either stem cells (as in the case of bone marrow transplantation) or are derived from stem cells, as is this case with some stem cell therapies that are currently being investigated for their therapeutic potential in areas such as regenerative medicine.


Scaling skin is flaky, cracked or dry skin. Scaling skin happens when the outer layer of the skin, also known as the epidermis, starts flaking off. Firstly, it is important to explain several different causes of scaly skin. After that, we’ll tell you the eight easiest ways to treat and prevent it. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to have to possess flawless skin.

There are a couple of different factors that might be causing your scaly skin. Several of these causes are probably causing a collateral effect in making your skin dry and scaly. Here are the most common factors.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news here but, in case you didn’t already know, aging is a major cause of skin problems. Aging is a major contributor to dry, scaly skin.

Everyone has had dry facial skin before—no exceptions. Unfortunately, dry skin is simply a part of life. If your skin becomes super dry, it might start cracking and becoming scaly. However, there’s no guarantee that extremely dry skin will lead to scaly skin. Your skin type also plays a huge role as a factor of scale.

Since we all have slightly different skin types, dry skin doesn’t have the same effect on every person in the same way. Some people might experience redness and irritation when their skin becomes dry while others’ skin might become flaky and start peeling when it’s dry. For others still, dryness can result in cracked, scaly skin.

We know this isn’t any breaking news, but it’d be careless if we didn’t state it outright: the sun’s UV rays seriously damage your skin! This includes everything ranging from scaly skin to melanoma.

The environment in which you live and other living conditions can have a big impact on your skin. If you live in a dry climate, you’ll have to work a bit harder in order to keep your skin hydrated. This is especially true in the winter when cold, dry air can remove all the moisture from your body, leading to scaly skin.

If you have been facing scaly skin for a longer bout of time, or if scaly skin seems to keep coming back again and again, then this situation can be best handled by your dermatologist. So visit skination which is the best skin clinic in DelhiHOW TO PREVENT SCALY SKIN
The best method of prevention of scaly skin is to keep the skin hydrated and protect the natural barriers on the surface of your skin. Here are some easy ways to do just that!

Ø Remember to MOISTURIZE
We all know the importance of moisturizing. But applying a moisturizer once or twice a day is not enough! If you want to keep your skin hydrated and avoid scaly skin, the moisturizer needs to be applied every few hours. A good rule of thumb is to apply moisturizer every time you use the bathroom.

Ø BATHE Cautiously
While bathing is obviously a crucial part of taking care of your body, it’s important to make sure to bath the right way. Follow these tips to bathe in a way so as to prevent dry, scaly skin.
Use gentle cleansers such as body wash instead of harsh soaps.
It’s better to bathe with warm water instead of hot water.
Take only one shower per day (unless it’s totally necessary to shower twice).
Limit showers to 10 minutes.
Use a soft towel to gently pat (and not rub) your skin dry.

If you want to prevent scaly skin, eating a healthy diet is a must! Eat as many superfoods and anti-aging foods as possible goes a long way. Lastly, making sure to drink plenty of water guarantees that all of your body’s cells have the fluids they need.

If you aren’t already doing so, exfoliating once or twice a week prevents scaly skin. Every time you use an exfoliating product, all the dead skin cells are getting scrubbed away, revealing the younger, healthier skin cells underneath. There are a number of ways to exfoliate. The safest way is to use an all-natural exfoliator, or making a homemade exfoliating mask.
If you have any issues related to skin contact our > > > > best dermatologist in Delhi i.e. Dr. Swati Agarwal and Dr. Rajat Gupta.

7 Effective Treatment To Get Rid Of Wrinkles: skination1 — LiveJournal

Ageing gracefully might sound good but in reality, the very first sight of a wrinkle can put women in great stress. Wrinkles usually can occur on any part of the body that are overexposed to the sun, however, it mostly appears on the face, neck, the backs of the hands, and on your forearms. Wrinkles usually are of two types, which are fine or surface lines and deeper furrows. If your wrinkles are bothering you, and are looking for wrinkle removal then you can go for following options. However, first, you must know about what could be the cause of your acne.

7 ways to reduce stretch marks after weight loss – Skination

Stretch marks and their effective treatment Losing weight may give you a body that is more toned, better looking and you might also feel more confident in yourself. However, there is a downside of losing weight too frequently or suddenly, which are the pesky stretch marks. Stretch marks also known as striae distensae or striae…

How effective are Laser Hair Reduction treatments

Laser hair removal in Delhi is a common procedure at skin clinics. Recent years have witnessed great advancements in laser technologies. With this, both men and women are opting for laser hair removal.