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Updated by Mike Monroe on Nov 01, 2016
Headline for Making a Plan - Stage 1 of Owning a Business
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Making a Plan - Stage 1 of Owning a Business

Planning for your small business provides a clear sense of direction, and is an essential part of successful entrepreneurship. Making a plan affects both short-term and long-term business prosperity.

Making the Leap - Freelancing to Business Owner

Going from freelance to full time business owner can be scary, but succeeding is all about how you approach the transition.

Productivity – Starts With Setting Deadlines

Avoiding trouble sounds so simple but we all know how easy it is to get distracted. Setting realistic deadlines is something every entrepreneur should become familiar with.

Simple Plans Executed Trump Complex Plans Still Planned

When most people try working on their business, they get overly complex. Although this blog post is short, it drives home the main point: plans that you can execute are powerful... even if they're plain and simple.

Importance of Planning

The importance of planning is strategically outlined and explained in this article. A must-read for any new business owner.

Taking The Leap of Faith: Successful Entrepreneurs

Many high-flying entrepreneurs have an abundance of faith. Lucky for new entrepreneurs, there is much that happens between an epiphany and triumph. This fascinating article discusses how faith is an integral part of success.

What Is The KISS Principle?

All entrepreneurs need to KISS when they are planning. Here's a brief and straightforward guide that will help launch you forward.

Should You Create a Product or a Marketing Plan First?

It's like asking someone what comes first, the chicken or the egg? ...this article walks through both scenarios and concludes with an insightful answer.

Make A Long-Term Commitment

Although this article talks about online sales and marketing, the main point behind it is what all small business owners should hear: why making a long-term commitment is key.

Testimony - Making The Leap To Full-Time

This wedding photographer tells her story about taking the leap from part-time to full-time. And how it was the scariest...but best... decision she ever made.