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Asian American Coalition For Education

Since its founding in 1996, the AACE has regularly sponsored training courses for parents and students, held free seminars with tutoring, summer school, and a Chinese school, and organized many cultural and educational exchanges between the U.S. and China.

A New School Environment

As immigrants, your children are probably facing culture shock. This can make it difficult for them to assimilate into a normal school environment or even make friends. They may feel lonely and unable to communicate or relate to other children. This is where our Chinese school in New York can help your little one.

Should You Send Your Children to Summer School?

Summer school programs offer a wide array of benefits that can help your children, especially if you just moved to the States. As your children find ways to adjust to their new environment, they may struggle in school or may have a challenging time making friends.

Tips on Nurturing Your Child’s Talents

Every child is imbued with a talent as unique as their personality. As parents, we’re in a crucial role to discover, nurture, and hone these talents, so that your child can find their place in this world. As idealistic as it may sound, the sense of purpose still remains to be innate in each of us. You would want to see your child truly happy for doing something that they take delight in.

Top 5 Benefits of After-School Tutorials

Do you think that your child needs some backup when it comes to their learning progress in school? Know that it’s alright to seek help. As a facilitator of International Studies in Bayside, New York for around two decades, we’ve seen the potent effect of working hand-in-hand in enhancing a student’s learning progress.

Transitioning to High School: How Parents Can Help

For many students who just finished middle school, such as those from a Chinese School in New York, they may find the transition to high school a bit difficult. It can be intimidating for them to roam around unfamiliar buildings or interacting with older teens.

How Your Child Can Benefit from Summer School

Are you thinking of enrolling your youngsters in summer camp? There definitely are a lot of Summer School Programs that your little ones can choose from and enjoy. But, what can your young ones get out of signing up for any of these programs?

Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for School

Worrying about preparing your child for school? Here are some strategies from our experts at Asian American Coalition For Education. As a renowned source of International Studies in Bayside, New York

3 Ways We Welcome Immigrant Students and Their Families

Moving to a new country means changing your life. You will be in an entirely new home and community. Furthermore, you will be surrounded by a brand new culture and a different language.

Helping Your Children Develop Good Study Habits

Along with hard work, studying is essential in achieving academic success. It does not matter whether they attend International Studies in Bayside, New York or other programs. Encouraging your young ones to develop good study habits early on is important.

Helping Your Children Socialize with Others in School

Good social skills are essential, especially if your children study overseas. These skills are all the more important if they are taking up International Studies in Bayside, New York.

Ways to an Excellent Summer School Experience

Summer is an exciting time for kids. Although for Asian children who just recently moved to the state, it may be less exciting as they’re still trying to adjust to the people, environment, and culture. Consider enrolling your children at our Chinese School in New York.

Homestay: How It Can Help You

Homestay programs can be a bit of a challenge at first, uncomfortable even. However, when you find a kind and trustworthy host who are living in a peaceful and safe community, you’ll find that it’s one of the best ways to assimilate in America.