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Mantis Funding Reviews

Mantis Funding provide varying sizes of cash advances without the obligation of putting up a collateral and credit score.


Getting Funding for a New Supplier Is Not Always Easy – Mantis Funding

Every business, large or small, that sells a product must have a supplier for that product. When your business contracts with the supplier, you agree on certain business terms to which both you and the supplier must adhere. It could be that you agree to regular deliveries of a specific amount of product or perhaps…

Take Your Food Business to the Next Level with Quick Merchant Cash Advance

Feeding hungry customers with tasty food and exceptional customer service provide immense satisfaction to anyone invested in the food truck or restaurant business. However, establishment upkeep does not come cheap and oftentimes requires additional working capital that banks and traditional money lenders may not be too keen to dispense. In such cases, a quick and…

How your small business can benefit from equipment leasing?

Equipment leasing is a great tool for small business owners who wish to grow their businesses without burning their cash flows. Business equipment leasing is a form of alternative financing that is used for leasing special equipment needed for your business. However, it does not take care of other expenses that you may incur in your business.

Utilizing Retail Store Financing To Stay Upright In The Competition

With the growth of the internet, it’s getting harder for small and medium scale retailers to stay ahead in the competition. While the idea of having additional reserves for operational or business improvement is interesting, the truth of approval from banks and other conventional moneylenders isn’t. In any case, as per the health of your business, you might meet all requirements through a Mantis Funding cash advance.

It’s Time to Choose Business-Friendly Funding over Traditional Funding!

A steady inflow of cash is one of the most important factors in the growth and expansion of any business. If you are a small or medium scale business owner, you must be quite aware of the challenges of applying to traditional funding institutions like the banks. Since financing through traditional ways has become extremely difficult and time taking, alternative modes of funding have come up as a better option.

How I Used Alternative Financing To Take My Local Business Global

25% of the world’s population is shopping online! And that number is predicted to SWELL to 2.14 billion in the next couple of years! I have been thinking of opening up the online frontier for my swimwear business for years, but this statistic is what pushed me to take action on my idea!

Why Is Alt-Financing An Optimal Solution For Small Businesses?

Starting a business is a tough task for anyone. However, if the owner is persistent and patient, then this tough job can be a rewarding process. Though a master plan is very important for the success of any business, it is the financial quotient which plays a pivoting role in the growth of the venture.

The landscape of the finance industry has changed in the last decade, and it is still transforming. And in this transformation, it is the small businesses that have struggled to meet the guidelines of the traditional lenders. Thus, they are opting for non-bank financing resources to explore different financing options as per their requirements. Furthermore, going by numbers, two-thirds of these businesses favor quick and paperless process to receive funds.

Planning A Business Expansion? Just Go For It!

Any game-changing plan in a business is not possible without easy access to money. Probably that’s why well-established businesses have enough capital reserves secured so that at least lack of money isn’t the problem on their road to growth and expansion. But what about small and medium business owners? What about those hardworking entrepreneurs who are deprived of approvals on funding requests from traditional lending sources such as the banks.

Small Business Expansion And Alternative Financing!

It is a no brainer that a business expansion of any scale and funding go hand in hand. Without access to sufficient funds, a business plan of expansion is of no use, no matter how exceptional it is. This is where every businessman, especially that of small and medium scale, experiences a roadblock.

Why Is Quick Funding Important In Small & Medium Businesses?

The importance of non-bank funding organizations giving quick cash advances to meet immediate needs is getting popularity quite increasingly. The funding by these organizations is much favored by small and medium scale business owners as the assessment criteria depends on the income stream and plan of action of the business.

Additionally, reliable and established companies provide the borrowers with a department where they can express their complaints named Mantis Funding Complaints and get them settled by a group of professional experts.

How SMEs Benefit From Equipment Leasing?

Equipment leasing is another form of alternative funding in which a businessman receives funds for special equipment that is required for the growth of their business. However, this form of financing only focuses on the cash required for the equipment; not on the expenses that a businessman can incur in their business.