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Armored Cars

Luxury And Armoring Come Together

Stay safely ensconced in the lap of luxury by choosing a top brand vehicle and getting it armored to your specifications. IAC will ensure that you get the best overall protection just like you want.

Fastest Bulletproof Vehicle Made Possible

International Armoring Corporation has recently rolled out the 2018 Tesla Model S P100D as the fastest bulletproof car in the world. This incredible feat is thanks to the proprietary Armormax technology.

Vehicle Armoring For You!

If you want every trip in your car to be as safe as possible, you have to consider getting the vehicle armored. And when it comes to armoring, you cannot afford to overlook the preeminent services by IAC.

Forced Vehicle Entry Rendered Impossible

Breaching open the door of an armored vehicle is a potential threat that requires additional safeguards. Installing an electric door handle will provide safety from such forced entry at the press of a button.

Armored Protection From Violent Attacks

As random attacks on the roads continue unabated, safeguarding yourself and your loved ones is becoming increasingly vital. Armored vehicles are the lifeline for complete safety and security.

IAC’s Special Bullet Resistant Glass

LTA is International Armoring Corporation’s ballistic glass of choice for creating a protected environment in their armored vehicles. It is strong and can resist various attacks to the desired level.

Luxury Armored Vehicles Made Possible

International Armoring Corporation is a bespoke manufacturer of luxury armored vehicles that make it possible for well-to-do people to travel in extravagant comfort combined with complete safety.

What Goes Into Vehicle Armoring?

Armored vehicles are becoming very common on the roads today. The process of armoring is invasive and lengthy wherein the entire vehicle is dismantled and buttressed with special armoring materials.

Armoring Vehicles With Bulletproof Protection

Bulletproof protection for the vehicle along with add-on options is the best way to ensure safe and secure travels on the roads. The vehicle can be customized to handle the most dangerous of attacks!

Bulletproof Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck can be upgraded with Armormax bulletproof technology including armored glass. The Tesla truck will be an armored personnel carrier.

Armored Vehicles In Demand Across The World

Armored vehicles are no longer the domain of the very rich, powerful or successful alone. Regular people from across the globe are looking for armored protection for themselves and their loved ones.

Does A Vehicle Have To Be Fully Armored?

A fully armored vehicle is equipped with complete protection to eliminate the risk of all kinds of threats and attacks. However, you can opt for a bespoke armoring package to suit your particular needs.

Bulletproof Backpack Inserts for Student Safety

It’s a sad moment indeed when parents have to consider bulletproof backpack inserts to keep their children safe while they are in school. However, the practical measure will ensure safety and peace of mind.

We Can Stop It

Watch Smarter Everyday and the Slow Mo Guys test a video shooting a video at the ballistic glass (see the video below).

Making Your Fuel Tank Infallible

The fuel tank is the most combustible area of a vehicle. It is prone to explode easily in the face of an attack. Armoring should include an armored fuel tank and the self-sealing feature is even better!

Are BMW windows bulletproof?

No - standard windows from the OEM manufacturer are typically not bulletproof. If you want bulletproof windows you will need to reach out to Armormax.

The World Needs Armored Vehicles Even Today!

The world is in a tense and hostile situation right now. Even as we join hands to fight the coronavirus on the one hand, the fear of violent attacks continues to fuel the need for bulletproof vehicles.

The Rezvani Tank Military Edition

Taking inspiration from military vehicles, the Rezvani Tank packs a massive punch not just in terms of engine performance and body, but is also reinforced with armor just like the original ‘tanks’!

5 Tech Add-Ons Your Armored Car Needs

Having a luxury vehicle like an Aston Martin or a Rolls-Royce can make you a hot target for carjackings — and even just plain assault. Of course, you’d want to protect yourself and your wheels. That’s why it’s crucial to upgrade your luxury car with the best armoring tech.

Are police cars bulletproof?

Yes - some police vehicles come equipped with various Armormax packages. Some Police vehicles are upgraded to ensure protection while on duty to save lives.

Armored Vehicles – Service and Maintenance

Armored vehicles are bound to be much heavier than regular ones. This automatically calls for more frequent servicing and IAC is armed with the facilities, skills and training to meet the demands.

Best Tires To Pair With Your Armored Vehicle

Find the best tires to pair with your armoured vehicle. Armormax provides any type of security you need while you travel and the best in-class technonology for lightweight armoring solutions.