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Max’s style Fried chicken recipe

This fast and straightforward cooked chicken formula can want you to steam the chicken initial before cooking. This methodology offers Max’s cooked Fried Chicken recipe (our imitator version) the good crisp texture.


spicy prawns in lettuce Food lover's LUNCH/DINNER

These spicy prawns in lettuce wraps area unit full of bouncy rice noodles, zesty lime for a tasty explosion of textures and flavors.

Cook Raffaello Coconut Cake #Coconut Cake Food lover's

Cook Raffaello Coconut Cake has sponge cake layers that are sandwiched between a sweet coconut filling. The cake is covered with cream and coconut shavings.

sweet Thai Chicken Chilli Dry Recipe #thaiThai chili chicken Food lover's

Sweet Thai chili chicken is delicious,It makes a good time period meal because the entire dish will be created up in but half-hour. Food lover's

lasagna recipe Food lover's ·

lasagna recipe:Mix red chili and cream seeds and fry boil lasagna strips with 2 tbsp oil .heat butter in pot; fry flour and cool.

mutton potato chops Food lover's mutton potato chops

mutton potato chops Marinate chops with ginger/garlic red chilies, salt and 1/2 of black pepper and keep aside for 1/2 an hour put 2 tbsp oil and chops


KING PRAWN FRIED RICE an incredible dish which will beyond any doubt awe your loved ones! Goes well without anyone else or with a vegetable dish.

french strawberry european cake recipes Food lover's

french charlotte cake recipe strawberry Charlotte is an exquisite late spring pastry made up of wipe and strawberry mousse layers.

how long to cook steak in oven at 190 °C · Food lover's

The way Steak Meat works In dozens of ways, you can prepare delicious Steak Meat with its fast maturity how long to cook steak in oven at 190 °C

Apricot chutney # Apricot # chutney# · Food lover's

Apricot Chutney can add zest to most meals, and in Pakistan, you will usually find a selection of different kinds served in tiny bowls for people to choose

Stilton Burgers # Stilton # Burgers #hamburger · Food lover's

Rather more elegant than the traditional hamburger, this tasty recipe contains a delicious surprise the lightly melted Stilton burger

Quick pita pizzas # pita # pizzas #pizza · Food lover's

Pita bread makes very good crusts for quick thin and crispy pita pizzas and they are easy to eat with your hands to the perfect speedy snack.

Date and walnut cake # Dateandwalnutcake· Food lover's

Mixed adds a warm flavour to this low-fat high-fibre cake simply serve it on its own, or spread it with butter and honey for an extra special snack.

How to make sushi #Tuna #sushi #salmon · Food lover's

To make the tuna sushi spread half a sheet of nori on to a bamboo mat lay strips of tuna across the full length and season

venison recipes steak #venisonrecipessteak Food lover's

Venison recipes steak is super-lean and low in fat, so it's the perfect choice for a healthy diet. Cooked quickly with crisp vegetables, it's ideal stir-fry

lamb biryani slow cooker #lambbiryani Food lover's

Cooked on festive occasions, especially for weddings, lamb biryani is among the most popular dishes in pakistan . Food lover's

slow cooked lamb dinner party #slowcookedlambdinnerparty Food lover's

slow cooked lamb dinner party Served with rice and spicy vegetables, this dish is a great success at dinner parties. Food lover's

Orange yogurt brulee #Orangeyogurtbrulee Food lover's

A luxurious treat, but one that is much lower in fat than the classic creme brulee, which is made with Cream, Orange yogurt brulee