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Updated by Amit Sharma on Apr 30, 2019
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Why Is React Native the Future of Mobile App Development

With its fast-growing community, React Native is poised to become the future of mobile development, especially with all the support it is receiving from the developer community to strengthen and support the framework. For businesses that are looking to get a powerful mobile app developed quickly at a low cost, React Native presents the best option.




Hybrid mobile apps bridge the gap between user experience and ease of development. Additionally, they are built using technology such as JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS, with which most developers are already familiar. These apps come in a shell that can run natively across both device platforms. While several technologies exist for hybrid app development, Facebook supported React Native leads the way in terms of user interface design framework (UI).Why is React Native the future of mobile app development, below are the reasons:


Compatibility across platforms

React Native was initially developed to support the iOS platform, but due to widespread demand, its reach was soon extended to Android as well. Most of the APIs on React Native can be used cross-platform, allowing developers to use it to build a single code base that works on both iOS and Android.


Reutilization of Code

Since React Native’s code has reusable components that compile directly to the native platform, the view and experience across iOS and Android are consistent.


Superior UI Experience

While other JavaScript frameworks such as MeteorJS and AngularJS offer cross-platform app development, React Native has its focus primarily on UI for mobile. It functions like a JavaScript library rather than a framework.


Preferred by developers

The reason for React Native’s popularity among developers is that it is based on JavaScript, which most of them know. It makes it easy to work with compared to iOS, which requires learning Swift, or Java for Android.


Better functionality

React Native redefines the functionality of native apps, which were earlier known to be inefficient and slow to deploy. It brings the agility and speed of web app development to hybrid apps along with native functionality.


Compatibility with Third-Party Plugins

Since React Native is compatible with third-party plugins, the app won’t need to employ WebView for specific functions such as maps.

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