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Updated by RepairDesk Inc. on May 23, 2022
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Business Software

It’s not unusual to find very outdated technology at some retail stores, simply because if it’s not broken, why fix it? This has left many businesses asking the question: when is the right time to upgrade the business technology in your cellphone repair shop?

Here’s Why it is Important to Upgrade Your Business Technology! RepairDesk Blog

It’s not unusual to find very outdated technology at some retail stores, simply because if it’s not broken, why fix it? This has left many businesses asking the question

Increase Customer Retention & Beat Competition with RepairDesk Enterprise - RepairDesk Blog

For years, RepairDesk has served thousands of independent repair stores in more than 20 countries around the globe. Through our feature-rich and budget-friendly pricing plans for repair stores, we have made business prosper worldwide.

Get Store Credits with RepairDesk – Coming Soon - RepairDesk Blog

Store Credits are coming soon to RepairDesk, allowing you to retain customers and engage with them better. Give credits in lieu of cash for repeat business.

Coming Soon: RepairDesk Gift Cards - RepairDesk Blog

RepairDesk announces a new Gift Card feature coming soon to its software, that will allow users to buy gift cards issued directly from the POS software.

RepairDesk iPad POS Register’s Offline Version – Now in BETA! - RepairDesk Blog

To save you from the frustration, we’ve worked on our iPad POS Register’s Offline Version and have just launched its Beta version.

Inventory Bundles on the Way to RepairDesk - RepairDesk Blog

Inventory bundles are coming to RepairDesk, allowing you to create special bundles on all your items and services to offer greater value to customers.

Loyalty Program Coming Soon to RepairDesk - RepairDesk Blog

RepairDesk is launching a new Loyalty Program that lets repair store owners reward customers for doing business with them.

Web Release Notes: Get Better Control Over Trade-In Items! - RepairDesk Blog

RepairDesk is back with another round of updates. We’re committed to making the RepairDesk web app as easy and useful as possible for our customers. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest improvements in the web app and our exciting new modules! Read on to get all the details;

5 Invoicing Features Your POS Software Should Have! - RepairDesk Blog

For repair shops, having all the important invoicing features in a dedicated invoicing system that manages all your payment options is a must.

Introducing the Ticket Counter Display - RepairDesk Blog

The Ticket Counter Display is our new exciting feature for your repair store. Using it, you can display your repair ticket queue in your store or online.

Why Your Repair Store Needs SMS Notifications - RepairDesk Blog

SMS messaging is a necessity for repair stores of all sizes, and if you're not using it, here's why you need to start right now.

iPad Release Notes v4.7.2: Improvements to Ticket Status, Repair Time, And More! - RepairDesk Blog

The RepairDesk iPad POS Register app has now been updated to version 4.7.2. This new update brings improvements to several features that were initially added to our web platform. With this new release, we’ve made our iPad app even more stable and easy to use, so you can process your customers quickly and efficiently during checkout.

5 Benefits of Using a Field Service Software for Your Repair Store - RepairDesk Blog

Field service management software helps staff members send service repair technicians into the field to take care of the repair job, track their activity and keep a record.

Web Release Notes: Improved Stability in the RepairDesk web app! - RepairDesk Blog

During the last two weeks, our team has worked diligently to finalize some new improvements in our web app. These improvements are designed to make RepairDesk easier, faster, and more useful for all our customers. So without further ado, let’s tell you what improvements we have made recently.

Here is What the Right POS Software Can Get Your Repair Store in 2020

RepairDesk is a quality POS Software for repair stores that allows you to filter out the repair jobs based on their statuses, give reminders about due

4 Ways RepairDesk Can Help You Grow Your Drone Repair Business - RepairDesk Blog

Drone Repair Shop Software will assist your team to record every essential part of the repairing process using its repair ticket tracking widgets and inventory management module. 

Wireless Repair Store Software for Fast Repair Tickets - RepairDesk Blog

RepairDesk POS is a wireless repair store software that can swiftly make repair tickets and invoices, manage inventory, track employee productivity & more.

Web Release Notes: Email Campaigns for Bill Payment - RepairDesk Blog

Web Release Notes: 2019 has been quite the wild ride and it’s only fitting if we end this year with a bang! This latest release on RepairDesk’s web app

RepairDesk Referral Program is Live and Here is How You Can “Tell a Friend” - RepairDesk Blog

RepairDesk POS announces a new referral program that will help the customers make a few extra bucks just by recommending RepairDesk to their friends.

Web Release Notes: Add Notes When Giving Discounts - RepairDesk Blog

Web Release Notes: The holiday season is just around the corner, and here at RepairDesk, we're hard at work to make sure that the systems in your...

RepairDesk SMS Launch Introduces Real-Time Text Notifications to RepairDesk

RepairDesk has recently launched its newest addition to the software – RepairDesk SMS. This new feature brings text messaging functionality to RepairDesk...

Web Release Notes: Gear Up Your Customer Relationship with RepairDesk’s SMS Feature!

Connect with your audience through real-time job notifications with the brand-new RepairDesk SMS feature. This service is currently available to customers..

Bill Payments with RepairDesk - Now Available! - RepairDesk Blog

We've been giving you a sneak peek of the "Bill Payments" module for quite some time now. We received dozens of emails & messages from our...

Use RepairDesk to Sell Handsets at Your Cellphone Repair Store - RepairDesk Blog

Looking to branch your cellphone repair store out? Learn how RepairDesk can help you sell handsets along with repairing them in our featured blog.

iPad Release Notes v4.5: Improvements to Customer Facing Display

The RepairDesk's iPad POS Register app has recently been updated to v4.5 on the App Store. Read more about what's been improved in our latest release.