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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 can't miss experiences in Singapore - The ones you shouldn't miss out on!

Singapore has been rising as a popular travel destination over the years. Here are some of the experiences you should not miss out on when in Singapore



It is true that you can be lost in the beauty of the city of Singapore quite quickly. But to witness Singapore's cultural aspect, you will need to head to the Chinatown, found in the western region of Marina Bay. Modernisation and colonisation by the British have driven people away. However, the architecture is still preserved. Moreover, the Chinatown in Singapore is massive that it has been known to have many different neighbourhoods calling it their home. In the most ancient part of the Chinatown, you can witness some of the most amazing temples and mosques. The night market is a must visit. And in the high-end part of the Chinatown, you can experience the best restaurants and nightlife.



Singapore has a reputation for being the shopper's paradise. And rightfully so. There are many shopping complexes all catering to your shopping cravings. Head to Orchard Road that houses some of the best shopping malls in the country. All these shopping needs can be fulfilled here. There are almost 1 1/2 miles of road, that is dotted with malls. Almost twenty-three of them can be found here. For accommodation when in Singapore always watch out for online hotel deals. You can check hotel groups the likes of Park Hotel Group, for some good deals when in Singapore.


Sentosa Island

You can't go to Singapore and not visit Sentosa Island. This is the centre point of all 'touristy' things in Singapore. Sentosa used to be one of the significant military bases of the British. Now the place has been transformed into one of the epic places for entertainment. You can find beach bars, resorts, theme parks, golf courses, and a fun-filled nightlife here.


Marina Bay Sands Hotel Sky-park

Every major city in the world has a viewpoint from which you can see the city's skyline. The Singapore skyline can be witnessed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Sky-park. There is an iconic boat-shaped structure at the top of the building. The Sky Park should not be missed out on for an epic me. The photos taken of the city's skyline here, are completely Instagram worthy. Set out in the afternoon, grab some coffee or a drink and bask in the glorious views of the city.


Hawker Food Stalls

One of the best experiences you can have in Asia is the street food scene here. Singapore, being an Asian country, offers the same. For some authentic meals, you will have to try the Hawker stalls, and you won't regret it. Street vendors offer some of the most flavoursome foodstuffs for affordable prices. To get the best out of food stalls, try a number of them for your food cravings. Start with one stall for an appetiser, another for your main meal, and others for your dessert. Keep moving around!

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