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Uncommon Things To Do In Maldives - Inland Excursions

Among the world's favourite beach holiday hubs, the archipelago of Maldives is a nature lover's dream. From Virgin Islands to nigh fishing tours the best excursions in the country are as follows.


Virgin Island Tour

As a collection of more than 1189 islands, the Maldivian archipelago is a beach lover's dream destination in Asia. Frequented by honeymooners and beach enthusiasts alike the pristine natural environment of Maldivian islands sets it apart from similar beach paradises in the region. With most of its islands remaining uninhabited and untouched by human development, virgin island tours have become a popular excursion option for travellers vacationing in the country. Ideal for those in search of tranquillity, privacy and seclusion a tour of the archipelagos palm fringed Virgin Islands is the closest one can come to explore the confines of an unspoiled paradise in the modern age. Day-trippers can spend a day on a virgin island and explore its sandy beaches and natural attributes at their leisure. Perfect for a romantic getaway those who wish to truly wish to get away from it all should indulge in a virgin island hopping tour in the Maldives. Tours of this nature can be booked through Kurumba Maldives or any reputed Maldives resort chain or tour operators based in the area's travellers are located for the duration of their stay.


Uncover Local Islands

Often regarded as one of the best ways to discover the real Maldives away from the luxury resort havens that litter most of the country's confines a journey to the inhabited islands of the Maldives is an experience of a lifetime for culture buffs. Fringed by vibrant port regions the inhabited islands in the Maldives are primarily populated by fishing communities that have established villages consisting of vibrantly coloured homes.


Viewpoint seats

Lined with natural and man-made foliage the communities feature "holhuashis" or wooden gazebos that have been made with large tree trunks to create a massive bench with a thatched covering. Located on beaches as well as near community areas the wooden seats serve as popular gathering points for locals to exchange greetings, chat and play games. Most residents in the islands are employed in fishing or agricultural sectors while the local islands are also known as the best venues to purchase authentic Maldivian arts and crafts. Known for their strong community ties the residents of the local islands are known to spend the evening hours spending time with family or visiting friends and family.


Night Fishing Tours

Tipped to be one of the must-have experiences on a vacation in the Maldives even if one is not an avid angling enthusiast, night fishing is a uniquely Maldivian activity that can be enjoyed by groups of travellers as well as individuals. Tailor-made for angling fanatics a typical night fishing excursion set off in the early hours of the evening and stops at a nearby reef where fishing enthusiasts can make a play to snare local marine life to the end of one's fishing pole.


Ordinary Fishing Tours

Organized by resort havens as well as a wide number of local operators, visitors will be informed on the finer points of fishing by the boat's crew upon arrival. Employing traditional fishing methods which use hooks, lines and sinkers fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy the catch of the day at the conclusion of the tour which ends with barbeque dinner.

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