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Headline for Top things to see, do and eat in Quy Nhon – Seafood, mountains, beaches, night markets and everything else you wish for
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Top things to see, do and eat in Quy Nhon – Seafood, mountains, beaches, night markets and everything else you wish for

Known as the "martial-art island" by everybody, Quy Nhon is a popular tourist destination. Quy Nhon boasts many activities that will give you the best vacation you've ever spent in a foreign country.


Hit the beach

If you can't bear the heat of the summer – as it can get pretty nasty in Quy Nhon – head down to the beach. The crystal-clear water will immerse you in an amazing experience and the blue sky, the egg-shaped mountains will sure take your breath away. You can take plenty of pictures and walk down the beach filled with beautiful round stones.


Go camping at Ky Co Beach

This beach is located 25 kilometres away from the centre of the city. If you are on holiday with a bunch of friends, here's an idea for you; go camping –which is the best way to spend some fun time with your friends and enjoy the natural attractions that encompass you. If it's too hot, jump into the water, the soothing water will cool you off. At night, you can light a bonfire under the starry sky or have a barbeque party!


Go hiking

Quy Nhon is dotted with mountains, and it would be a shame if you don't use this opportunity to trudge up a mountain. The best spot for hiking is Eo Gio as the picture-perfect surroundings are a treat for the eyes.


Make your way over to Hon Kho

You have to go a bit far away from Quy Nhon to get to Hon Kho. The easiest method to get there is to first find the Nhon Hai fishing village. From there you can hire a boat to get to Hon Kho. From the moment you get to the island to the moment you leave, you are in for a treat. You can dive among the beautiful coral reefs – when the tide is low, you can walk along the underwater road which is not accessible if the tide is too high. But before you get into this, just ask a fisherman nearby if it's a good time to explore the sandy road.


Visit a historical site

The city has masses of the historical site, so make time to go visit one of them at least. For example, you can visit the ancient Banh It Tower that was constructed during the Champa period. There are four towers, and the main tower is located atop the hill while the other three surround it. This is a fantastic way to spend some time with your friends – you can wander around and marvel at the ancient architecture, take pictures while wondering if you've really gone back in time.


The Fishing Village

This is the best way to get a feel of the local life. The Quy Nhon fishing is a traditional fishing village away from all the commotion of city life. The villagers simply use a wooden boat to go and catch fish – they sink the net in the water and let it be there until late afternoon – so the chances of getting rotten fish in your meal are absolutely zero.


The cuisine

The delightful local cuisine is one other reason why people file into Quy Nhon. The city is a coastal town, so the seafood options are abundant at luxury resorts in Vietnam or any other hotel you find in the city. Everyone's favourite is Quy Nhon fish cake noodles which you can find at places like Anantara Quy Nhon Villas. Fiddler crab noodles is another favourite loved by tourists, and most of the food options include crab meat, prawns, squid and fish.


The night markets

If you haven't had your fill of seafood, walk down to one of the night markets. Dam market is loved everybody especially because of the range of delightful seafood it offers, and your other option would be Nhon Night Market.