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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Tips for Eating and Dining on Cruises Restaurant – Don't let those ocean blues take away your appetite!

While dining at a restaurant is easy enough, the culinary experience on a Cruise restaurant is something else entirely! But, not many people understand that the protocols of dining on a Cruise restaurant are a little different from those at a restaurant on terra firma. But fear not! We have you covered! Here are 5 tips for dining at a Cruise restaurant.


The luxury of late night buffets!

Cruise ships work 24/7! That usually means that food is available 24/7 too! But, this buffet is usually in a different location from the usual buffet! So if you're someone who gets the munchies at night, be sure to find the night buffet for a snack or two. Or, if you don't like the crowds of the normal buffet, this is still your best bet!


Hungry for something specific? Order it!

The menus on Cruise Restaurants are kind of limited due to obvious reasons! If they don't have it in bulk, it might not be a part of the menu at the main buffet. More often than not, the menu changes all the time! So if you find something you like one night, don't be so sure that it will be there the next. So if there is something specific you're craving, order it separately! Remember that you've already paid for the food! So no guilty feelings around the corner to haunt you!


Want something different? Try a speciality restaurant

Speciality restaurants have a different fare to offer your palate but you may have to pay a nominal amount extra to dine there. But, some of these restaurants are worth it. So, if you're craving something different, be sure to try the food restaurant!


Try the buffet! You might be surprised!

Every Cruise ride is different from the next. While in most cases, the options at the main dining hall are going to be better than the buffet, don't let that idea deter you from trying the buffet out. After all, you may be surprised to find a few culinary gems at the Buffet spread. It is also a great option if you don't have a lot of time to sit and go through the various courses.
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Don't expect too much from room service

Room service on a Cruise, much like the buffet is a little different from on terra firma. You may not have very many options like you do if you were on land. For the most part, the menu is no different from the menu at the cafeterias. But you can always opt for room service if you're feeling too lazy to roll out of bed in the morning!