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4 Must Visit Temples in Bangkok - Entrancing and Mystical Shrines

The fascinating city of Bangkok boasts a number of interesting temples. The temples of Bangkok are sure to capture the imagination of the culture lover with their many attractions.


Wat Pho

The remarkable Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha derives its name from an Indian monastery where Buddha is thought to have resided. This place of worship is one of Bangkok's largest and oldest temples. Probably its most renowned feature is the remarkable Buddha figure, measuring 43 m in length and 15 m in height, that it contains. This statue has been coated in gold leaf and its feet have been embellished with beautiful mother-of-pearl ornamentations. Wat Pho is also famous for the 1,000 images of Buddha and the 91 stupas that it contains. Four of the most prominent stupas are devoted to the Chakri monarchs.


Wat Arun

The unmistakable Wat Arun which is situated in the part of Bangkok known as Thonburi was constructed on the banks of the river Chao Phraya in the 17th century. Often referred to as the Temple of Dawn this imposing temple is sure to capture the imagination of the sightseer. At Wat Arun, you will see a large central tower of the Khmer type surrounded by a series of minor towers. You will see that each of the towers has been decorated with small pieces of pottery and ceramics. Visitors will see that the principal tower features stairs by which they can ascend to a balcony where they will have the opportunity to enjoy splendid panoramic views.


Wat Saket

The temple known as Wat Saket is called the Golden Mountain and features a distinctive golden stupa. This temple was a vast construction and is situated atop a large hill in Bangkok's old city. It inherits a rather troubled history as the initial attempt to construct it ended in failure due to the site's soft ground. The gleaming stupa that is to be seen today is the result of a subsequent effort and was constructed atop the remnants of the earlier endeavour. At Wat Saket, you will find a flight of 300 stairs that lead up to the upper terrace and the stupa which contains a relic of the Buddha. Visiting this temple is one of the top things to do apart from the Chao Phraya river cruise in Bangkok and if you are looking to go on that water tour, consult tour agents like Anantara Cruises Bangkok Thailand.


Wat Traimit

Your tour of Bangkok's temples would not be complete without visiting the impressive Wat Traimit, a handsome white multilevel temple featuring gold embellishments. This temple is renowned for its elegant architecture, but it is also famed for the remarkable golden Buddha figure that it contains. This huge solid gold statue measures 5 m in height and weighs more than five tonnes. This statue which is believed to have been constructed in the 13th or 14th century was hidden beneath a plaster and stucco coating and the gold was only revealed in 1955.