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Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

Foam Roof Solutions is the leading family-owned spray polyurethane foam roofer. Specializing in SPF applications for your home and business and lowering your energy costs year-round.

Spray Foam Insulation in California by Foam Roof Solutions

Foam Roof Solutions is the leading spray foam roofing contractors in California. We deliver 5-star spray polyurethane foam roofs and specialty applications.

SPF Roofing | Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing | Foam Roof Solutions

Considering spray foam roofing for your business to lower energy costs? Contact Foam Roof Solutions today to learn how polyurethane foam roofing can reduce energy costs.

Foam Roofing Contractors Bay Area | Foam Roof Solutions | 800-878-1480

Foam Roof Solutions is the leading family-owned spray polyurethane foam roofer. Specializing in SPF applications for your home and business and lowering your energy costs year-round.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems - Foam Roof Solutions

For our spray foam commercial roofing services, call our main office at (800) 878-1480. With our dedicated team, we will provide you with a long-lasting SPF roof so you can start saving money as soon as possible.

Spay Foam Insulation in California by Foam Roof Solutions - Issuu

Manufacturer certified & approved spray foam contractors for all spray foam applications including interior insulation, wine storage tank insulation and specialty applications such as motor home, mobile home & specialty coatings for weather proofing,...

How to know you're not getting screwed by your spray foam contractor. - Foam Roof Solutions

Once you sign the contract, your foam roof salesperson should have educated you fairly well regarding the process. If you feel like you’re being “pushed” into something you’re not quite sure about, you’re probably not ready to sign. Actually, this would be the first sign that you’re about to get screwed.

To granule a foam roof or not to granule? That is the question... - Foam Roof Solutions

If you’re thinking of installing a foam roof system, you’ve probably had a couple of salespeople come by with a sample cutaway of the foam with coating on top. In most instances, the foam sample you see has a granulated top-coat. Depending on whether your roof is commercial or residential, should decide whether you want the granules or not. It is my opinion that unless you have a large community of birds in your neighborhood, you should stick with just straight coating if it’s a residential application. Most coatings today are designed to “wash” themselves, meaning that the rains in the winter will keep your top-coat clean, dry & reflective. Granules in the top-coat are mainly used for commercial roofs, where there is a lot of foot traffic. Here’s the thing about the granules… when the top-coat goes on, it is wet & thick. The granules are broadcast (by hand or shovel) into the wet top-coat at 30 lbs per 100 sq ft. This leaves 15 lbs per 100 sq ft of loose granules to blow off, run off and fill your drains for the next several years. Also, when the top-coat dries, the granules collect dirt, dust, debris and all things in the air to turn your roof black over the next few years. This means your nice, shiny, reflective coating is no longer nice, shiny & reflective. As well, when you go to re-coat your roof in 10 years, you will need to pressure wash the roof, leaving loose granules all over the yard. If the company you choose to install your foam roof system applies the correct amount of coating over the foam (3 gal per 100 sq ft) you should not need a granulated system on a residential roof. In fact, if birds start pecking in your foam roof and leaving holes in the foam (which won’t leak btw) right after the roof is finished, you know they didn’t put enough coating over the foam for a 10 year warranty and if they did, they should be willing to put another coating down and add granules, because now you have a bird problem, not a coating problem. The contractor should be willing to do whatever to stop the pecking. If you have any questions regarding granules, please give me a call at (800) 878-1480. Gus.

Knowing what coatings your spray foam contractor is using is probably the most important thing you should know. - Foa...

There is foam and then there is coating. The foam is federally regulated and only comes from certain suppliers. The coating can come from hundreds of different suppliers and is rarely checked for approval by the city or county inspectors. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is the roofing system. This is what keeps you dry. The SPF roofing system is also your insulation barrier, which keeps you cool in the summer and reduces your heating use in the winter. The coating does one thing and one thing only. It keeps your SPF roof from burning. Enemy #1 to all roofing systems is the UV from the sun. Eventually, the roof will need to be replaced, because the sun wears it down over time.

Bay Area Foam Roof Consultants- Foam Roof Solutions

In Bay Area, Foam Roof Solutions is very famous as a foam roof consultants. All Consultants are Manufacture Certified and approved spray foam consultant

How to get a foam roof evaluation if I'm a realtor or my home is in escrow. - Foam Roof Solutions

If you are a realtor or your home is in escrow, it can be difficult to find a foam roofing contractor who will give you a free estimate. This is because you are looking for an evaluation of the roof and you are not a potential buyer. Typically, all real estate transactions there is a home evaluation with a roofing report to go with it. However, most home reports will suggest that you speak with a foam roofing contractor to get the full story on the roof as foam roofing requires someone with years of technical experience. At foam roof solutions, we can provide you with a foam roof evaluation for $250.00. When your home closes escrow, our contractors have agreed to return the $250.00 from the estimated cost at the time of the evaluation. If you would like an expert to evaluate your foam roof in escrow, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Choose Best Company For Spray Foam Roof | edocr

If You are searching For best company for spray foam roof, then foam roof solutions is the best option for you. Call us for FREE Estimation.

How long can you wait to re-coat or restore your spray foam roof? - Foam Roof Solutions

In the San Francisco bay area a residential roof should be inspected every ten years. For most of you, if your roof is only 10 years old, it is still under warranty. It may be difficult however, to get the contractor (the one who installed the roof) to offer a free inspection within the warranty period. You may need to pay someone to inspect the roof. Some San Francisco bay area foam roofing companies require a re-coating at 5 years in order to keep a 10 or 15 year warranty, which is absurd when you look at this logically.

Restore Your Old Foam Roof

Restore Your Old Foam Roof

Flat Roof Repair in Sacramento

Foam Roof Solutions is the best company for flat roof repair in Sacramento, This company make a new foam roof installation easy process.

Spray Foam Roofing in Davis

If you want to maintain or recoat your foam roof and looking for best consultant of spray foam roofing in Davis, then no need to look anywhere just call to Foam Roof Solutions for FREE Estimation.

Find Right Spray Foam Roof Contractor

If you looking for best company for spray foam roof in Sacramento, then choose Foam Roof Solutions. This company is well known for roof re-coat and maintenance.

The Truth About Spray Foam Roofing

Foam Roof Solutions is a one-of-a-kind spray foam (SPF) insulation & roofing consulting firm, using contractors who are directly qualified by the material suppliers like BASF Corporation & General Coatings. We offer free consultations on existing flat & foam roofs, roof evaluations and roof reports for buyers, sellers & realtors. Because we work directly with the manufacturers, you don't have to wade through the internet trying to find a qualified spray foam roofing contractor. We can provide you with 1, 2 or 3 separate spray foam roof estimates at no cost to you!

Best Contractor For Spray Foam Roofing in Sacramento by Foam Roof Solutions - Issuu

If you own an Eichler home or similar design and would like to work directly with your spray foam roof contractor rather than a hard selling salesperson who sells spray foam roofs in bulk , please give us a call at (800) 878-1380 for a free consultat...

Spray Foam Roof Insulation Contractors Sacramento

If you’re in Sacramento or San Jose shopping for a spray foam roofing contractor Foam Roof Solutions only uses contractors who are manufacturer qualified. We offer a free consultation and can usually give you a quote over the phone using modern technology like Google Earth and a few other tricks of the technology trade.

Flat Roof Repair and Spray Foam Roofing - Foam Roof Solutions

Options for conventional flat roof repairs and spray foam roofing advantages. Foam Roof Solutions Flat Roof Repair and Spray Foam Roofing


Flat Roof Repair in Sacramento

Flat Roof Repair in Sacramento
Find Right Bay Area Foam Roofing Contractor

If you want to restore, maintain your flat roof and for this looking for best flat roof consultants, Then get in touch with Foam Roof Solutions. Foam Roof Solutions is the leading sprayed polyurethane foam & coatings consulting and referral service from Sacramento to San Jose, CA. If you get a quote from any other contractor than a Foam Roof Solutions contractor, please give us a call to compare.