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Top 10 reasons to visit Kunming – leisure escapes at its very best

China's Yunnan Province is home to the beautiful city of Kunming which is fondly referred to as the 'City of Eternal Spring' which allows for plenty of leisure walks, sightseeing, and exploring.


Discover Kunming Green Lake Park

Upon arriving at the park you will be greeted by large flocks of seagulls flying to and fro which certainly add to the allure of Kunming. Ideally suited for carefree strolls with your loved ones, a visit to the park is more or less a given when holidaying in this part of China. If you are lucky, you may also have the chance to feed these birds but be mindful that staying patient and observant are pre-requisites.


The Jiuxiang Caves

The natural outdoors of Kunming are blanketed in layer upon layer of unimaginable beauty and one such example which represents the above are the Jiuxiang Caves. The cave complex is filled with deep gorges through which mesmeric waterfalls and tiny rivers flow through.


Stone Forest

Amongst the area's most talked about destinations is Stone Forest. Categorized as a geographical park, the premises affords the inquisitive visitor an opportunity to tour a vast array of limestone formations that date back over 250 million years coupled with many waterways and scatterings of thick foliage.


Get a bird's eye view of Kunming

For outstanding views of the city that would make for quite the pleasant memory, look to the soothing environs of Dianchi Lake and more specifically Grand View Park. From the park one may begin to take in the astounding sceneries that make Kunming a truly magnificent experience to be a part of.


Visit Yunnan University

You do not have to be a student to call by the Yunnan University as it serves as a wonderful location to capture the beauty and pageantry which is Kunming. Found a mere 1 km from Grand Park Kunming which is one of the hotels Kunming has to offer travellers like yourself, one will be rewarded for investing time here as the towering trees, well-laid pathways and the sea of students would present you with an abundance of space to go 'clicking' away.


Yunnan Ethnic Village

For a detailed tour of the area's rich cultural presence and heritage, do take note of the Yunnan Ethnic Village. Within the village, one might set about learning of the age-old customs that have been preserved over the centuries by minority groups and also delight in the interactive games that will be on show no sooner you call by.


Helicopter Rides

Kunming's Haigen Park offers thrill seekers the chance to scour regions far and wide via a helicopter ride. Look forward to exploring the diverse and elaborate landscapes of one of China's most treasured tourist destinations from high up!


Go on a hiking expedition

Found to the north of Kunming but still well worth the trip is the snow-capped peak of Jiaozi Mountain. Hiking to the top of the mountain will take you past beautiful rivers, grassy regions and wooden pathways too which must definitely be tried out before one's time here draws to a conclusion.


Cable Car Rides

For this purpose consider heading over to Xishan Island where you can hop aboard a cable car which will transport you over the peaceful surroundings of Taihu Lake. En route, it is recommended that you make a stop at Kunming Dragon Gate which the locals will tell you is a sign of good luck.


Celebrate the traditions at the Golden Temple

Discover colourfully clad locals who enact traditional Chines battle and dance performances within the confines of the country's biggest bronze temple.