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Updated by IsaiahBurrows1328 on Apr 29, 2019
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Isaiah Burrows' Twitter Engagement


Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

With some hard work and #dedication, here is an updated #RSJ108 tweet on Cody Decker. This wouldn't have been possible without learning the essentials of #design. Thanks for the help @carenroblin

This tweet was the complete package with my improvement in Photoshop. It took some time and help, but this helped put everything together.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

For incoming #RSJ108 students, my best advice would be to learn the software with the resources at @unevadareno. Understand the basics of Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop to master #design both inside and outside of class. If @carenroblin is your instructor, you're in good hands.

This tweet put a bow on some of the tactics I learned in lab. This particular tweet was a subtle gradient that took over the entire photo. Luckily the dark colors of the laptop and plant made the image visible.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

Although simple, this #RSJ108 assignment speaks volumes to how much photography impacts our lives. This #photograph speaks thousands of words in just one image. None of this is possible without @carenroblin bringing it to my attention!

Although I didn't add any elements to this photo, I believe this is the perfect example of incorporating hashtags and @ symbols within one tweet. I blended the three ways to make a "thick" tweet within a couple of sentences.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

In my @TahoeOnstage article, I reported on first baseman @Decker6 transferring back to the Triple-A Reno Aces.

"The loquacious first baseman has become an Aces' fan-favorite last year after seasons as a rival player."

#RSJ108 @carenroblin

This was my first try at linking my news story to a tweet, which didn't go so well. I tried to add a small gradient to add some effect, but it didn't work as well as I envisioned. Overall, this tweet does show the improvement I made as the year went along.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

This #RSJ108 assignment really opened my eyes. Sea levels have risen significantly since 1993 and are projected to continue up to 4mm per year. For more information on #sealevels, visit the link here:

This lab image tweet made me get out of my comfort zone and create a graph with data. Although the image is simple, it helped prepare me for our coding assignment in challenge six last week.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

For my #RSJ108 assignment, I met Liam. When I asked how college life was going all he could respond with was "I have two midterms so that's the only thing on my mind right now." #HumansofUNR @carenroblin

This tweet forced me to get out of my comfort zone and ask somebody to take a photo of them. The image is simple, but I tried to accompany the students at the university in one tweet.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

To inspire true creativity, sometimes it has to start with your own two hands. For this reason, this quote really stuck out to me as I go through the obstacles of #design in #JOUR108. But, with the help of @carenroblin it is getting a bit easier each time!

This tweet showed me the basics of applying text to a background without messing anything up. This assignment showed me the importance of organizing layers in Adobe Illustrator.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

If I were a #typeface. I would be #Helvetica. Try to be #classic and #timeless when it comes to designing features in #RSJ108. What typeface would you be and why? @carenroblin

This tweet combined a gradient with text all over a background. It wasn't a perfect creation, but it showed me how to break down how to balance all three.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

I never want to regret anything I do now at @unevadareno to the future. I hope with my skills in #RSJ108 and #design I will be able to expand my knowledge in these subjects. @carenroblin

This tweet displayed another gradient on a background photo. This one helped me learn the importance and the effect a gradient can add to any piece.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

With the help of @carenroblin and the friendly advice from students in #RSJ108 I am perfecting the beginning stages of #gradient and #design. Let's make the colors pop!

This was my first gradient I put on a background photo, just to learn the basics. I really like how the blue bleeds over the rest of the photo.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

With the help of @carenroblin and the positive lab atmosphere with #RSJ108, I am building up some confidence in #design with Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop.

This tweet was my first at attempting to create something on Adobe Illustrator. It wasn't my favorite tweet by any means, but it showed my improvement throughout the year.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

Slowly but surely, I am learning the fundamentals of Photoshop! I struggle with the cropping a photo, but I will learn some tactics soon. #wip #RSJ108 @carenroblin #pixels #design

This is a photo from my phone of me learning the basics of Photoshop. This tweet showed my improvement of integrating multiple hashtags and references within one tweet, not just listed at the bottom.

Tweet by Isaiah Burrows(@IsaiahBurrows2)

College has helped me explore new things and I'm excited for the #future thanks to the help of several professors and mentors at the University of Nevada! @carenroblin #RSJ108

This tweet was a creative commons photo that was used as a background with a simple text overlay in Adobe Illustrator. This tweet helped me learn the basics of the software I used this entire semester.