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Foxocracy Affiliates

I just gave to Need To Impeach!

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How to Build, Launch and Grow a Thriving Digital Course Business Without Hiring a Big Team, the Constant Overwhelm or the Momentum Crushing Question, “What the Heck Do I Do Next?”

Media Center

PFAW and PFAW Foundation work to fight right-wing extremism and defend constitutional values through grassroots advocacy, targeted research, member engagement, and leadership training. On this page, you’ll find our most recent press releases, reports, and media coverage.

Affise - SaaS Marketing Platform for Affiliate industry

Affise is a SaaS Marketing Platform for advertisers, agencies, and networks to manage, track, analyse and optimise their online advertising campaigns in real-time

Rules Of Propaganda

f the ridiculous becomes the norm, and this continued appeasement of Islamic conspirators continues to find grounding in the West, just remember the Nazi ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Just rememb…

Performance Marketing platform Comparison 2019 | Affise

Check the main features of Affise performance marketing platform and quick comparison with other platforms.

Home - No Labels

No Labels is a movement for the tens of millions of Americans who are fed up with the dysfunction and will no longer put up with a government that does not represent the interests of most Americans.

Nonprofit Software: Donor CRM, Fundraising, Advocacy, Marketing

Explore Salsa's Powerful Nonprofit Software for Donor Management, Nonprofit Marketing, Online Fundraising, and Online Advocacy.

Vindman Smacks Down Nunes As GOP Impeachment Disaster Worsens

Devin Nunes got smacked down by the witness when he disrespected Lt. Col. Vindman, then he tried to out the whistleblower.

Mark Cuban wants media companies to clearly label 'fact-checked news' and 'opinion'

Billionaire Mark Cuban on Sunday vowed to vote for any politician who advocates for a law compelling media companies toward clearly labelling 'fact checked news' and opinions.

Give to FCNL

Since 1943, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) has worked with Quakers and friends to lobby for change and advance peace, justice, and a sustainable planet. Your gift today enables us to save our democracy and create a peaceful world.

The Media’s 10 Rules of Hate | Washington Spectator

Pick up any major newspaper, or turn on any network television news broadcast. The political orientation won’t matter. It could be Fox or MSNBC, The Washington Post or The Washington Times. You’ll…

Impeaching Donald Trump Is Already a Win for Democrats

If Trump is to be defeated next year, his opponents will have to maintain the energy of the 2018 midterms and build upon it.

Top Four Features of Affiliate Marketing Platform

One of the milestones of performance marketing is choosing a reliable solution to track affiliate sales. In practice, however, the…

Trump Must Be Removed From Office and We Must Create a Pathway to Peace | The Smirking Chimp

“Remember that I predicted a long time ago that President Obama will attack Iran because of his inability to negotiate properly-not skilled.”
— Donald Trump, 11/10/13

To Stop Trump’s War with Iran, We Must Also Confront the Democrats Who Laid the Groundwork - In These Times

Democratic leaders are feigning outrage, but they've supported the precursors to war.

Members of Congress Own Up to $93 Million in Fossil Fuel Stocks

As dire climate change projections mount, one in four members of Congress is invested in oil, gas, or coal interests.

Fox News is already accusing Democrats who question Trump of being aligned with Iran | Media Matters for America

A Fox guest claimed that a Democratic senator’s use of the word “assassination” to describe Qassem Soleimani’s killing was tantamount to supporting Iran, though a Fox reporter used the word “assassination” minutes later

Neoliberalism and the End of Politics -

Much of what passes for left commentary in the U.S. emerged from the post-WWII synthesis of radical right economics with a fey liberal notion of democracy. In recent years this synthesis has been given the name neoliberalism. Left largely untouched have been the premises and analytical architecture of neoliberalism, which are as much a part of the neoliberal ethos as the nominal ideas. As such, much of this criticism has had the effect of reinforcing the ideas and actions that are being critiqued.

Some of America’s Biggest Corporations Help Finance Anti-Impeachment Ads - EXPOSEDbyCMD

Pharmaceutical, energy, and defense industry interests have poured money into dark-money groups that promote their corporate agendas...and now advertise against impeachment.


LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ Nation