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10 Best things to do in Mui Ne – Learn how to make the most of your trip to Mui Ne

A delightful combination of beaches, mountains and fishing villages is what awaits you in Mui Ne. Curious? Well, read on! There might be things you didn't know you could do in Mui Ne.


Mui Ne Beach

Well, this is big on the list of attractions in Mui Ne. The coastal town is fringed with an expanse – 15 kilometres to be exact – of white sandy beaches. They are lined with resorts such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort so you won't have to go far away from the beach – the beach, by the way, is where you can have the most amount of fun. North of the coast, you will find a traditional fishing village while you can try water sports south of the beach.


Red Sand Dunes

This is one of the major attractions in Mui Ne – it would be fair to say that this is one of the reasons why Mui Ne has earned its name as a famous tourist destination. If you drive 3 kilometres north of the town, you will see sand dunes similar to the ones you see in the middle east. Nature photographers love this spot as will you. If you somehow manage to get to the top of the dune, you will be treated with a nice spectacle of the setting sun. Also, sand-sledging is something you must do.


Visit Po Shanu Cham Towers

These towers are built for the Hindu deities Nandi, Agni and Lord Shiva. They were constructed during the Champa Kingdom as a way of showing respect to the deities. Now the towers are in ruin, but if you somehow get to the top of Ong Hoang Hill – where the towers are located – you are in for lovely views of the surroundings and the faraway beach.


Mui Ne Fishing Village

Visit the village early in the morning to have the best experience you possibly can have. Apart from the splendid views of the coastline and the line of boats that moored alongside – in the morning, you can see fishermen bringing in their daily catch. There are also many restaurants and resorts dotted around – also, at a resort in Mui Ne, you can enjoy various types of seafood.


Visit the Prince's Castle

The French state house or the Prince's Castle is located at the top of Ong Hoang Hill. The castle was built in 1911, and there was a time when it stood atop the hill with all the glory – but now it has been reduced to a few military bunkers and an old tower. At the top of the hill, you will be welcomed by a picture of beautiful coastline and the setting sun.


Fairy Stream

If you love taking pictures of nature, make your way over to Fairy Stream. The red, pink and white landscapes are absolutely beautiful with one side rich with a flow of water from Ham Tien's Dinh Mountain. The other side of Fairy Stream is filled with lush greenery, palm trees and colourful flowers.


Van Thuy Tu Temple

The oldest temple in Mui Ne which is said to be built in 1762. There are skeletons of 100 whales which include the biggest skeleton that is about 22 meters long. There are also various other items on display – most of which belong to the Nguyen Dynasty.


Ta Cu Mountain

It will take about an hour to get to Ta Cu Mountain – the expanse of lush greenery, Buddha statues and wildlife. You can either hike – which takes up about 2 hours of your time – or opt for a cable-car ride to get to the top.


White Sand Dunes

You can take pictures, try sand sledging and ATV rides at Bau Trang or in other words White Sand Dunes. There's also a forest nearby if it's too hot for you, there's your solution.


The Central Market

To get a feel of the local life, visit the Central Market for some shopping. From spices to fruits to household items, you can buy almost everything at Phan Thiet Central Market.