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6 Temples that Will Make You Go 'Wow' in Phuket – Stunning Religious Attractions

The island of Phuket offers a myriad of attractions for the visitor. Amongst these are a number of amazing temples that are sure to capture your imagination with their captivating features, including those described below.


Wat Chalong

The temple known as Wat Chalong is noteworthy for having welcomed visitors over the course of a century. You will see that local residents frequent this shrine with the objective of offering prayers, whilst Western visitors arrive here in order to gain an understanding of Buddhism. Taking pride of place at this temple is its Grand Pagoda which is believed to contain a fragment of a bone of the Buddha. You will see that this pagoda is embellished with paintings portraying scenes from the life of the Buddha whilst also featuring several Buddha figures.


Wat Khao Rang

You will see that Wat Khao Rang occupies a prominent position on the slopes of a popular hill at Phuket Town. Visitors will find that this well-known temple features a sizable golden statue of the Buddha in the seated position which interestingly was the initial statue of this kind to be created in the local area. This temple is considered to be the spiritual focal point of Phuket by the local residents. You will see that the grounds of this temple have two distinct sections; the older building with its roof supporting the seated Buddha, and the newer building adjacent to it.


The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha of Phuket is considered to rank amongst this island's greatly revered and significant religious landmarks. You will see that this massive image rests on the summit of the Nakkerd Hills and with a height of no less than 45 m, can easily be viewed from a considerable distance away. Additionally, this lofty position provides stunning panoramic views over the island, including sweeping views over Phuket Town, Karon beaches, Kata, Chalong Bay, and so on.


Jui Tui Shrine

This much frequented Chinese place of worship performs an important role in the yearly Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Jui Tui Shrine which is located fairly close to the principal market of Phuket may be regarded as a must-visit attraction for sightseers experiencing Phuket. This is because this temple is considered to be one of the earliest established and most esteemed spiritual hubs in Phuket. You will find that the grounds of this temple are fairly impressive, containing photographs depicting the history of this place of worship.


Wat Phra Thong

Although this popular temple is not of great size, it is always an agreeable temple to visit. You will see that the principal attraction at this place of worship is the gilded Buddha statue that remains partially buried within the ground. This is because it is believed that the image is untouchable since each individual who has attempted to extricate it has fallen under a curse. Wat Phra Thong is considered to be one of Phuket's oldest Buddhist temples and remains a noteworthy religious attraction. An accommodation choice to consider from which this temple would be within convenient reach would be Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas which offers pleasingly located Phuket luxury villas.


Wat Srisoonthorn

This temple is another important religious feature in Phuket. One of its most conspicuous features is the massive Buddha statue in the sleeping position that will catch the eye of the visitor. In fact, this statue is so big that it can be observed from outside the temple. Visitors will also encounter a variety of other interesting images at this temple, including lions and a giant from Thai mythology. These images are believed to symbolically guard the temple.