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Headline for Top 10 Water Sports in Maldives – The best aquatic sports you could try in the Maldives
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Top 10 Water Sports in Maldives – The best aquatic sports you could try in the Maldives

Water sports are the main attraction the Maldives is famous for. It's so much so thousands who love playing at the beach or in the sea file into the country looking for the best water sports adventure.



This is the most obvious water sport you can enjoy in the Maldives. If you've got a mask and fins – or you could choose a luxury resort in Maldives that provides them – you are all good. If you are a beginner, however, do some research and get some practice before you plunge into the sea.



Something you should try if you want to enjoy the wonderous nature that fringes the waters of the Indian Ocean. You can paddle your way around until you are blue in the face. There are places that facilitate this water sport, you have to buy tickets before you can indulge yourself with this delightful experience.



Haven't tried this before? Well, here's your chance – if you are in the Maldives you must try this one. You get to cut through the resistant waves and enjoy the sun and the cool wind. The activity is absolutely thrilling and adventurous. The best way to try any of these water activities would be to book your spot through a resort like Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas - but you could always get friendly with locals or hotel staff to find your way around.


Glass-bottomed boats

What if you can enjoy a boat ride while feeling as though you are actually walking on the sea? You can if you go for a ride in a glass-bottomed boat. You can paddle your way around while watching the mesmerising marine life that's right under your feet.



This is one sport that most people try when they are in the Maldives. You can dive into the deep blue sea and among beautiful coral reefs. Wreck diving is also available which is equally fun if not better.


Jet skiing

If you are a speed fiend, this one is meant for you. Most tourists like this because it's equally thrilling – thrilling being the keyword - and fun. The best time to try this sport is from April through October, and the prices range between 70 USD and 185 USD which of course depends on the type of water vehicle you've chosen.


Banana boat rides

If you are a novice to water sports, but all you want to do is try jet skiing or something equally daring – you can opt for a banana boat ride. You don't have to have any sort of experience for this – but rest assured, your ride is going to be filled with fun and excitement.



Not to state the obvious – but fishing is something you could try while in this world-famous water sports hub. Don't mistake this for the normal type of fishing you might have tried in another country – you are actually going to have encounters with fish like sailfish and tuna. The best time to attempt this would be from November through March.


Underwater walking

These days all the buzz is about this, underwater walking, no one would say no to this when they can walk on the sea floor and be surrounded by aquatic wonders of the deep blue sea.



This is another fun activity you can enjoy in the famous water sports destination. If you are one who loves a bit of adventure, try kitesurfing. Trudging over waters of the lovely ocean along with the sea breeze... your holiday just got loads better!