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Top tips for a memorable fishing session – How to have a good fishing trip

Even if you've been fishing all your life, tweaking a few things you normally do can make your fishing session even more enjoyable. Here some tips on how to make your fishing trip memorable.


How to stop rod ends from tangling up

Most fishing rods are built so that they can be easily transported and can be broken down in 2 or 3 pieces. The rear end of the rods or the "Ferrules", tend to get often tangled up together making it extremely hard to separate without damaging the rod. You can avoid this happening by applying beeswax to the male end of the Ferrules so that the ends of two rods separate easily.


How to cut braided lines

Tools such as scissors and clippers often tend to get dull over time when they're used to cut the braided lines that are used for fishing. An easier and more efficient alternative would be to use a disposable tool similar to the magnetic snippers that are provided to open milk packets in Canadian supermarkets.


How to stop the line from tangling up

When you put in a new spool to the eel of your rod it takes a bit of time for it to break in and the rod will feel stiff initially. Running the line under hot water for about 2 minutes will break the line in faster as the heat of the hot water will reduce any stiffness in the line and stop the line from tangling.


How to use your drag for longer

When you're not using your rod make sure to release the drag to avoid pressure being continuously been put on the springs of the rod. Failing to do can cause the springs of the rods to loosen up and reduce the efficiency of your rod more rapidly.


How to properly store the hooks

Having to retie a broken hook is one of the most frustrating and irritating things that can happen during a fishing trip. What makes it worse is having to turn your fishing kit upside down to find a new hook. An easy solution for this problem is sticking a safety pin through the eyes of the hook. This way all the hooks will be in one place, won't get tangled and will be easier to find.


How to get rid of the smell

There are many places to visit in Kaluthara to go fishing if you're staying at Anantara Kalutara Resort. A common problem that most fishing fans face after the fishing trip is getting rid of the fish smell from your skin. Using soap and water is a must to get rid of the germs and grime but this doesn't get rid of the smell of fish. A simple solution for this is running your hands over a stainless-steel object like a kitchen sink, cutlery or a steel bowl.


What to do with the guts

Disposing of the guts after a fishing trip is one another problem faced as your local garbage cleaners schedule doesn't usually align with days of your fishing trips. The best thing to do is place all the guts you have to dispose of in a bag and storing it the freezer of your fridge until the garbage truck arrives.