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6 Things You Must Do When in Wuhan – A Captivating Chinese City

The city of Wuhan offers a multitude of interesting things to do for the visitor. Here you will have the opportunity to ascend the Yellow Crane Tower, visit Baotong Temple, stroll down Han Street and experience many other attractions.


Ascend the Yellow Crane Tower

The imposing Yellow Crane Tower is considered to be Wuhan's most esteemed landmark. You will find that the structure that stands here today dates to the year 1981; this pagoda has over the course of time been demolished and reconstructed numerous times. At one time this edifice functioned as a watchtower, but today it is merely a cultural attraction. The local people take great pride in the Yellow Crane Tower and it is thought that a visit to Wuhan would be incomplete without ascending to the fifth storey of this building and experiencing the remarkable views.


Tour Baotong Temple

Although this Buddhist temple has been destroyed and re-erected numerous times, it has still retained a distinctive and ornate beauty. You will see that this shrine is a fully functional Buddhist temple, with monks meditating, devotees paying their respects and the fragrance of incense wafting through the compound. A noteworthy feature of this temple is the Hongshan Pagoda which stands on a hill positioned behind the other buildings. You will be able to climb up the winding stairways to the seventh storey and enjoy the pleasing views across the temple grounds.


Experience the Han Show

This stunning presentation derives inspiration from Wuhan, the Chu-Han Dynasty and the heritage of the Han people. An acrobatic and theatrical water-based spectacle, the Han Show is a distinctive and memorable experience that will capture the imagination of the discerning visitor to the city. This entrancing show is conducted within a one of a kind stadium that has been constructed to replicate the shape of a Chinese lantern. You will find that this architectural wonder is a marvellous setting for this spectacular show.


Enjoy a Coffee at Tan Hua Lin

Wuhan's pedestrian avenue known as Tan Hua Lin is a bohemian attraction that will capture the interest of the curious visitor. On this street, you will encounter an array of interesting galleries and boutiques at which you could easily spend an afternoon wandering through the shops and conversing with the proprietors. However, you should undoubtedly save adequate time to enjoy a relaxed coffee at one of this street's pleasant cafes or teahouses. An accommodation choice to consider which offers serviced apartments in Wuhan from which this street would be within convenient reach would be Somerset Wusheng Wuhan.


Stroll Down Han Street

The well-known Han Street which extends along the Chu River is regarded as being amongst Wuhan's celebrated and noteworthy attractions. At this street's bustling centre you will encounter a multitude of drink stalls, restaurants and snack kiosks positioned beneath elaborate trellises featuring attractive lights. As you stroll further you will find buildings displaying a combination of both modern as well as traditional Chinese architecture. Many of these buildings house popular high street shops.


Sample the Delicious Foods at TianDi

To enjoy a delectable meal in Wuhan, make your way to the TianDi compound where you will have the opportunity to select from a wide range of dining options. Irrespective of whether you seek Chinese, Korean, Italian or French food, you will find what you desire at this complex. The al fresco seating, pleasant spaces of greenery, stylish bars and the delicious pizza available here provide this complex with a European ambience. Many of the expats living in the city as well as the trendy young locals converge at this complex to enjoy the delectable foods and the sophisticated atmosphere.