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List of Chinese Dishes You Must Try - The top 5!

Chinese cuisine has taken centre stage in recent years. With such popularity, it is a must to explore this cuisine. Here are some of the dishes you must try.



Chinese dishes have an amazing history that 'wows' people. The history of the dishes goes way back and always have an interesting story to tell. The dumplings are a dish that has a history spanning more than one thousand eight hundred years. Thus, this is a traditional dish that has taken the world by storm. Dumplings are one of the favourite dishes of the Chinese cuisine. It is made out of ground meat and vegetables that are wrapped in a thin dough. Some of the well-liked fillings include minced beef, chicken, pork, vegetables and shrimp.



Wonton's history goes all the way back to the Tang Dynasty which existed between the periods of 618 to 907. The custom of the people of that time was to have wantons as a primary dish during winter. So, what is this dish exactly? The wontons are first boiled and then served in soup. Some renditions serve deep fried wontons. The wontons are triangle shaped where they are filled with shrimp or pork. Besides, if you're in China to try the delectable Chinese cuisine and looking for Dalian accommodation, then you start checking properties the likes of Somerset Grand Central Dalian for a good experience.


Ma Po Tofu

The Ma Po Tofu is another dish you shouldn't miss out on. Why? Well, for one the dish has a rich history spanning more than one hundred years. If a dish could be surviving through the ages, then you can definitely expect something too good to be true. The tofu which is milky is subjected to more flavour by adding the minced beef and green onions. The spiciness of the dish comes from the pepper powder that is the common condiment in the Chuan cuisine. The entire dish comes together to give you a ravishing experience.


Kung Pao Chicken

Another chicken dish that is popular among the Chinese, is the Sichuan styled Kung Pao Chicken. This speciality is popular among both the locals and the foreigners. The primary ingredients make up the dish include bite-sized chicken, peanuts that are fried and chilli. The fame of this chicken is such that the Westerners have come up with their own gong bao chicken, which is a rendition of this dish. Here the chicken is layered with corn starch. In addition, garlic, sweet and sour sauce and vegetables are added for flavour.


Sweet and Sour Pork

The sweet and sour pork dish served in China boasts of incredible flavours. The look of the dish itself is appetising. Initially, the dish was quite basic, however, the popularity of the dish grew among the people. To keep up the demand, there were a few alterations that took place making the dish even more amazing. The pork can also be replaced by chicken ribs or beef. So, choose whatever suits your taste buds.