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Top 10 dishes from Hong Kong - World's Food Fair

Dining out in Hong Kong is one of the best ways to enjoy the full variety of dishes and food choices that the city has to offer. Here 10 dishes that you should try out while visiting the city.


Roast Goose

A special type of Goose that is found in Hong Kong is used to prepare this Cantonese delicacy. The whole goose is first roasted and then cut into small pieces and mixed with plum sauce and a variety of secret ingredients.


Pineapple Bread

Made using eggs, sugar, flour and lard that forms the crispy surface of this sweet delicacy, pineapple bread gets its name as its exterior resembles a pineapple and does not contain pineapple. It can be found at bakeries across Hong Kong and best consumed fresh out of the oven.


Steamed Rice Rolls

Also known as rice noodle rolls, steam rice rolls are a Cantonese dish that is prepared using rice sheets that have been steamed with barbequed pork, beef, shrimp and a variety of sauces and vegetables stuffed inside. The rolls are made in front of you and can be customized according to your flavour palette.


Eggplant with Minced Pork

The eggplant is cut into thin slices and fried with cucumber. Once done minced pork is added and the dish is fried using broad bean paste with seasonings like salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and ginger added in last. Even though this is a Sichuan dish it is served at most restaurants across Hong Kong.


Egg Tarts

Egg tarts are a popular type of pastry that can be found in Hong Kong. It is made using sweetened egg fillings, flour, butter and was first introduced to the city during the 1940s when the Portuguese colonization of Macau, China as a delicacy served with afternoon tea.


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

Shrimp Dumplings which are also known as Har Gow is a popular delicacy which is quite expensive in comparison with the other dishes on this list. The dish is made by wrapping a thin semi-transparent wrapper around either one or two pieces of shrimp, a piece of pork and is served in a bamboo steamer. The bamboo steamer which used for serving will typically have three or four dumplings.


Sweet and Sour Pork

This is one of the most popular dishes that is served at Tsim Sha Tsui restaurants, hotels and resorts similar to Park Hotel Hong Kong. There are many places around the city that will teach you how to prepare this delicious dish on your own.



Also known as chāo shǒu, Wontons is a clear soup which varies in taste as it is prepared using different ingredients and cooking methods. Sichuan-style wontons which is cooked using pork, duck or chicken that has been simmered for a long time and served in Chengdu is one of the most famous variations of the dish.


Shrimp and Chicken Balls

A popular choice of Chinese cuisine that is served at their weddings, it is also called dragon and phoenix balls. Dragon is the word given to Chinese royalty or the emperor and is symbolized by the Shrimp in this dish. The Phoenix refers to the queen and is symbolized by the chicken. The dish is prepared by cutting the chicken and shrimp in small pieces and then kneading them into small balls which are deep friend using bread crumbs.


Phoenix Talon

This is a chicken delicacy from the Guangdong culture that the older Chinese community enjoy. The nails of the chicken's foot are cut off before they are fried. Once fired they are placed on a small plate and steamed in a bamboo steamer. The frying and steaming of the chicken feet make it tender and easy to eat.

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