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Open Source by Adobe Systems

List of Adobe's contributions to the Open Source world


Home Project for Open @ Adobe

The Sourceforge landing page that links to open source projects contributed to/created by Adobe.

Adobe Glyph List

AGL (Adobe Glyph List) maps glyph names to Unicode values for the purpose of deriving content. AGLFN (Adobe Glyph List For New Fonts) is a subset of AGL that excludes the glyph names associated with the PUA (Private Use Area), and is meant to specify preferred glyph names for new fonts. Also included is the ITC Zapf Dingbats Glyph List, which is similar to AGL in that it maps glyph names to Unicode values for the purpose of deriving content, but only for the glyphs in the ITC Zapf Dingbats font.

Flex SDK

The Flex SDK provides a highly productive, open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops and operating systems. It provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports common design patterns suitable for developers from many backgrounds. Flex applications run in the ubiquitous Adobe® Flash® Player and Adobe® AIR™.

Flex® is now being developed at the Apache Software Foundation.

Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) / Home / Home

Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a labeling technology that allows you to embed data about a file, known as metadata, into the file itself. With XMP, desktop applications and back-end publishing systems gain a common method for capturing, sharing, and leveraging this valuable metadata - opening the door for more efficient job processing, workflow automation, and rights management, among many other possibilities.




CMap (Character Map) resources are used to unidirectionally map character codes, such as a Unicode encoding form, to CIDs (Characters IDs, meaning glyphs) of a CIDFont resource.

Adobe Open Source Data Sets / Home / Home

The Adobe Open Source Data Sets project is a repository for publicly-available test data sets maintained by Adobe Systems, Inc.

Adobe Blank OpenType Font

Adobe Blank is a special-purpose OpenType font that maps all Unicode code points to non-spacing and non-marking glyphs, hence the name of this OpenType font.


BlazeDS is the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Adobe® Flex® and Adobe AIR™ applications for more responsive rich Internet application (RIA) experiences.

Open Source Media Framework

open software framework for building robust, feature rich video players and applications based on the Adobe® Flash® Platform


Theseus is a new type of JavaScript debugger for Node.js, Chrome, and both simultaneously. It is an extension for the Brackets code editor.

Theseus is part of a collaboration between the User Interface Design Group at MIT CSAIL and Adobe Research.




GCview is a generic and easily adaptable visualization and monitoring framework targeted (but not limited) to memory management systems (garbage collectors, malloc/free implementations, hardware caches, etc.)


Source Code Pro is a set of OpenType fonts that have been designed to work well in user interface (UI) environments.


CSS FilterLab is using some cutting-edge technology that is available in the latest Google Chrome Canary and WebKit nightly builds.


Brackets is an open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers. Originally created by Adobe but now maintained by the community.

Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType

The goal of the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType package is to share the tools used by Adobe font developers for wrapping up PostScript fonts as OpenType/CFF font files, and adding OpenType layout features.

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