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8 must try things in the Maldives – what to expect

Surrounded by turquoise seas and complete with shades of unimaginable beauty throughout every nook & cranny, the Maldives calls out to your inner as well as your adventurous spirit to come experience.



The local cuisine consists of an assortment of curries which are made using the finest of spices whilst its seafood offerings are truly world class and mouthwatering. Begin your day with a good helping of fresh fruit before moving onto gourmet delights from across the globe come lunchtime. Complete with warm hospitality, one's culinary experience is sure to go down well in more than one way.


Enjoy sunrise and sunset

Most Maldives villas are known for its overwater bungalows that will lead you to the plunge pool facility which will be the most suitable place from where you may delight in such a phenomenon. Seen as the perfect prelude or the most ideal of endings to your day's activities, a Maldivian sunrise or sunset can also be delighted in should you wish to go big game fishing.


Spa therapy

Giving yourself over to expert practitioners, well versed in the art of physical and mental wellbeing will be one of the best decisions you will end up making when holidaying in the Maldives. Features such as full-body massages, facials, manicures, and even a herbal bath are some of the facilities that can be availed of. Though, it is best to check with your choice of accommodation in advance as to the range of its offerings when it comes to wellness and spa therapy.


Live in a villa

Discover a world of pleasures and luxuries, all waiting to be delighted in at a hotel or resort property of your choosing. Villa accommodation in the Maldives arrives with its own unique amenities that range from private decks for sunbathing, a Jacuzzi and soft, comfortable beds. Examples such as the Baros Maldives ought to be given some consideration in the event you yearn for stays in such restful abodes that are filled with an abundance of stunning facilities.



If you want to cover large quantities of the ocean whilst absorbing a myriad of views all at once, then do take note of surfing. In this part of the world, the waves are known to throw up the odd challenge and thus are best reserved for the experienced surfer. However, for one wanting to learn the ropes of this watersport, a large number of surfing schools are available for you to try your hand at one of the most exhilarating activities here.



What better way to explore the brilliance and wonder that the Maldives is than by enjoying a good dose of parasailing? Imagine being high up in the sky while scouring regions far and wide and still being attached to a speed boat down below. Well, your cravings for adventure are sure to be satisfied through parasailing which is arguably on par with diving and surfing.



For a more relaxed and easy-paced escapade out in these turquoise seas, why not consider snorkelling? Thus, if your resort is found in the immediate vicinity of a reef then this outdoor sport ought to be on top of your list of things to do. With snorkelling, you will be in the best position to uncover the secrets of the ocean floor and capture every hue and living being that is found in this part of the country.


Sightseeing in Male

The capital of Male will escort you on a tour through sublime religious shrines, busy marketplaces and the greenest of gardens where memories can be made. Though it is advisable to be decently attired if stepping into a mosque, one can freely explore the sights and sounds of Male while not forgetting to pause to click on features of this beautiful paradise.

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