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Best of the best air purifier

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2019 Best Cheap Air Purifier with exceptional value [HEPA ready/ Under 200] |

Good things are seldom cheap while cheap things are seldom good. Certainly not the case for below budget air purifiers. In this best cheap air purifier post, we’ll explore some of the cheapest air purifiers currently available in the market that somehow manage to provide the best possible value.

2019 Best Air Purifier for Smoker and Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal [Proven] |

Prevention is always better cure but unfortunately smoking is a cult, addictive habit that is hard to quit. In this Best air purifier for smoker list we will be focusing on what is tobacco smoke, the health effects it brings, along with the toxic and chemicals associate to it.

2019 Best Air Purifier for Asthma and Allergies |

Asthmatic person that is hyper-sensitive to almost any allergens? Stick around as we have the best air purifier for asthma and allergies listed here along with few preventive measures to tackle on this condition.

2019 Best Air Purifier for Pet Hair, Pet Dander, Odors and Allergies [Proven] |

No owners want to strip off their pet’s freedom around the house but can’t stand the shedding or smell, we compiled the best air purifier for pet hair, odors and allergies list. Find out the pros and cons of each pet air purifier here.

2019 Best Air Purifier for Dust Removal and Dust Mites [Proven] |

It’s impossible to stay in one place without any dust allergies e.g. dust mites, skin flakes regardless how “dust-free” it is. In this best air purifier for dust removal list, we provide remediation on your concern by looking into dust related allergies, the symptoms plus proven solutions.

2019 Best HEPA Air Purifier for Home [Proven True HEPA] |

An air purifier is not an air purifier without a HEPA filter. Strong words even though it does hold some point to it. In this best HEPA air purifier for home list, we will learn more about the many types of HEPA filter, why is it effective, what can it do and who is this for.

2019 Best Air Purifier for Household Chemicals, VOCs and Cooking Odors |

What is household chemicals? Almost all household items emit chemicals and is possible to avoid them. From our furniture, glasses, wall paint (VOCs) to